You Tube Creative Commons It’s About Time!

You Tube Creative Commons It’s About Time!

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You Tube Creative Commons What Took You So Long!

You Tube Creative Commons

You Tube Creative Commons License is finally released. It’s about time that You Tube jumps on board with this. It’s been awhile since you can use creative common license to use images on your site. But Why not video?

Well now you can use You Tube videos and remix them using the You tube editor to make unique videos of your own. The catch is that it automatically creates a link back to the video and it only can be edited using You Tube’s Video Editor.

I started fooling around with videos this morning when I noticed the You Tube Creative Commons Feature show up on my upload and I was like what the hell is this? After doing some reading and research I found that this can be an asset to us Internet Marketers as doing some Video Marketing. Say you in the pet niche and you see a bunch of cute dog videos doing some stupid stuff you can take a few videos crop them add some music from the you tube library, add some annotations and you just might have viral video on your hands.

You can do all this without infringing on the copyright of the original work. It has to show on the bottom of the video should say


Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)”

With this feature enabled you can use the video edit it and make your own remixed work.

It’s about damn time that You Tube Creative Commons License is released welcome to the 21st century You Tube.

Here’s a Video I did fooling around it’s a bit rough but quick


The video has the link back to the originals like the image shows below

So Have fun with this New Feature  Just Head over to the You Tube Editor Click on the CC link and search for videos. Remix them pick music and have  a blast using You Tube Creative Commons





  • Katie

    Reply Reply June 20, 2011

    This is something interesting that I never thought will happen, but I guess this is the right turn which Youtube and Google can make, to implement Creative Commons license. I think this will be a good protection for the original videos.

    • Mario

      Reply Reply June 20, 2011

      Creative commons has always been in effect with You Tube. But now they added this feature which makes it very interesting because you can take other peoples videos make a montage and have it on your own channel.

      For Internet Marketers it is a good thing when you are in a niche to allow this because you get a back link from the video a person makes and you might get some traffic out of it as well.

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