I Deleted My Blog On Purpose To See If This Works WP Twin I’m Nervous

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You Probably Thinking Why Would You Do this on Purpose? Well it’s simple I figure if I can use this tool to bring back my site then it will be  worth the price of admission. If it doesn’t work I’ll have a long morning and have to get my site up the old fashioned way.

I also Figured this is a worse case scenario. If your site gets hacked and they delete everything you can just do a  couple of moves and have your site up really quickly instead of hours if your site was gone. So I decided to do this so you don’t have to make sense? Good Now on with me sweating bullets on getting my site back up

I have been testing various backup solutions. And one Claimed to be really easy So I said ok I can bring up my site using my own way if I screw this up. So I gave it a shot.

Watch how nervous I got putting my own blog at risk of being down for hours because this tool doesn’t work.



At one Point I kinda was really nervous cause I’m doing this on my LIVE SITE!

To Check it out Click here If you Buy Through my Affiliate Link I have multiple Bonuses attached

Because It Passed My technical Review. Read more below  for the rest of it.

There is one downfall that I have to warn you about when you are backing up your main site make be extra careful First Cloning your Site on a top level what I mean is if you have a bunch of addon domains. Don’t use this function it will create a backup of everything and you don’t want that.

I am playing with this option I can see the benefits of grabbing an entire hosting account. If you want to move to another hosting this might be a faster option.

The good news is with WP Twin if you are backing up your primary domain it is smart enough to grab folders that are not part of your wordpress files Like image folders, video folders, html files etc. With this option unchecked.

As a Tech Guy this is a pretty straight forward tool that it’s easy to use and you can backup your entire site easily.

I still use other automated backups like wordpress backup to my amazon s3 account. but that’s just my database.

There are other back up programs out right now that do the same thing but you require some technical skills like knowing how to work with your Mysql files.

There are few things that I plan to use this for

Backup of this site besides my wpbackup

Use it for clients when I need to move their sites to a new hosting account and backup.

I Created a Niche template that I can use easily to just setup my niche sites in just a couple of clicks. Now I can get to the content of the site. This will help me cut time by at least 30 mins to an hour per site.

Imagine this

You can just install wordpress then upload your clone hit deploy. Your site is modified the way you like it ready to go.

Your plugins configured
Your Contact us ,privacy statement disclaimer are done instantly

All you need to do is setup your seo do your content and affiliate links. How much time can this save?

For me tons that means I can crank out sites quickly.  I have my articles ready to go I hit fantatisco install wp deploy my clone add my content, Add my All in one seo stuff, Get my links to my affiliate site and bam site up.

Their are other things you can do with this. For example you can offer a service of installing wordpress for clients charge them what you want. Show them a standard install and use this as your secret weapon to build their sites quickly.

You can have multiple niche site setups for different niches like a gaming niche sites with different themes plugins etc.

Or you want to build a review site make a clone whenever you need to do a review site you can use the clone to bring this up within minutes.

Offer a backup service for your clients.

Offer them a domain transfer service.

I can probably think of so much more you can use this application.

Use them to niche product sites

I can go on and on of what you can do with this but I think you get the idea.

I’ll give this my 100% recommendation This is a must buy if you are serious internet marketer or a wordpress blogger.

This requires very little technical skills All you need to do is have an ftp program. Know how to upload and download through an ftp program. That’s it 🙂
Technically you can even use the file manager in cpanel to upload the scripts used to back up so you don’t even need that.

So I give this my highest recommendation and that’s why I’m adding a couple of bonuses Because I think this tool is worth it.

Bonus 1

I’m offering my own niche setup that I use to build my niche sites with the plugins configured ( currently being updated)

All you have to do is install a standard wordpress using fantastico Deploy a my niche setup

Go in Change your password add your email, Add your content, Put in your Title, Descriptions and  keywords in All in one Seo Put your affiliate links And your ready to go.

Bonus 2

As an added bonus for you guys I’m giving away a full traffic generation video series that will teach you how to get traffic to your niche sites.

Bonus 3

A Full Video Series on Dominating Video Marketing. I’ve learned a lot from this series and I use it myself to get my videos ranking by themselves.

Bonus 4

A Video Where I show you how to Secure your Site even More then Clone it so you only have to do it once

All you have to do is email me downloadyourbonus AT gmail DOT com and I will send you the bonuses Within 24 to 48 hours max. I just send me proof of your purchase and I Will Send you your bonuses. Make Sure to Clear your Cookies Before Clicking on the Link Below

Get WP Twin Today and Email me with your Proof of Purchase I’ll send you your bonuses 🙂

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  • David Price

    Reply Reply June 16, 2011

    Thanks for the demonstration Mario. This is just what I need to transfer some blogs to a better Hosting Company. I have purchased today, looking forward to receiving your bonuses. They are really going to help with my site building in the future.

  • Kirsty

    Reply Reply January 29, 2011

    I would like to try this and I am hoping I can maximize the tools and have fun using it for the next months to come especially the niche setup.

  • Joshua nichols

    Reply Reply December 16, 2010

    Cool video Mario as always you over deliver, and keep it real.

  • armil@marketing solu

    Reply Reply December 3, 2010

    I didn;t notice this.I will use this program.

    Thnx 4 this great infromation.I hope that it will spread to other people.

    • Mario

      Reply Reply December 6, 2010

      It's Awesome Armil 🙂

  • Mario

    Reply Reply December 2, 2010

    @mike It's one of the best tools I use 🙂

  • Mario

    Reply Reply December 2, 2010

    Leanne yeah Love this program. I use it all the time

  • Mike

    Reply Reply October 14, 2010

    Thanks for the video Mario, just purchased the software, that will make backing up a breeze.


  • Leanne

    Reply Reply October 6, 2010

    Great Video, as always, Mario! 🙂

    Thank you.

    This cloning software is amazing!

    Perfect for me as it is simple to use.

    Thanks again for making this video to show how it works.


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