Wordpress Tip Even Homer can do

WordPress Tip – How To Copy And Paste from Word Easily No Fuss & Simple

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Wordpress Tip Even Homer can doThis is a quick wordpress tip because I’m sick and tired of seeing so many tutorials that tell you copy from word you need to go to notepad first then copy the article from notepad back to your article.  Or the other one is use html tab and then clean it all up Sure you can do all that but your really don’t have to  

It’s so simple that your gonna smack your head and go Doh!


Ok ready In your wysiwyg bar there is an icon that has a clipboard with a “W” on it which is short for Word. Like the image shows below


 Paste From Word

Then You’ll see a simple pop up that you can copy and paste the entire word document right in just like the image shows below.


Then just import and your done. Now the cool thing is it brings in all your work from word and you don’t have to align, fix anything but all the extra code from wordpress is  gone.


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  • Catherine_AMC

    Reply Reply January 12, 2012

    Hey Mario,

    Thanks for the little copy and pasting reminder. It’s often the little things that make life a LOT easier



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