WordPress Comment System Why Is It The Best For Your Blog

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WordPress Comment System, Which Is The Best?

I’ve Tried every comment system their is and I keep coming back to using the default WordPress Comment System. I have few reasons I have decided to only use what comes with WordPress.

Let’s start with the comment system that is all the rave right now and it’s Disqus for WordPress ( pronounced discuss). This WordPress Comment System is nice it does a lot of features like real time commenting, notification system, it has media embeds, built in spam filter etc. But what I’ve also found that I’ve gotten less responses from my niche blogs when I used it. From what I’ve researched from my larger blogs is all of a sudden my comments have dropped dramatically to about half.

This is by far very unacceptable To have my comments on one of my most profitable blogs to drop in commenting I’ll explain why in a minute.

Now let’s talk about the other one that people are using a lot these days and why I feel it’s not best used in your regular blog.
Facebook Comment system
Yes I know your already thinking but I get all the viral traffic if I use Facebook comments.. Blah blah. That’s a load of crap pardon my french.

Look yes it does viral aspect and all like when people comment they are automatically signed in to their Facebook and the message is sent to all their friends and it can make it go viral.

The Problem with this is simple how many of you really look at where the comment came from? I can say very little, because it looks so out of context that your friends are not going to even bother looking at it.

Sure their is a place for this like product launches or creating a buzz for your squeeze page to get more optins for your free giveaway that is totally fine.

But for your blog a simple like button will do the same thing. People see that you liked something and they will come and look at what you liked you can get the same result and when people actually comment those comments stay on your blog.

The Main reason I don’t like using other commenting systems is the load time in your site. It is known that Google looks at the loading speed of your site. Having a plugin that loads Facebook every time does slow down your site. Granted it’s a fraction of time but think about people that like your blog and have slower internet speeds than you? How you would feel if your favorite blog takes to long to load exactly you would just plain leave. I want them to stay have some coffee have a conversation.

Now Let’s look at the benefits of using WordPress Commenting System over all the other fads out right now.

First one is they are all on your blog! They are not sent out to other social sites like facebook etc.. It’s kept on your blog this is very important, because in the eyes of Google this gives your Blog a point because it looks like to them that your site is relevant to the topic you are talking about.

So wouldn’t it be prudent to use the built in blog commenting system for all your sites?

The second reason, very important one to me is I can back up all my comments that are within my blog. When it comes to Facebook commenting it’s on Facebook it’s out of my control I don’t like that.

Third one is there are great plugin enhancements that you can use in the WordPress Repository that can enhance the user experience without using outside commenting systems. Like Subscribe to comment, which is a really plugin to have because it gives the commentators a way back to your blog and they can double opt in think possibility with this.

Last one Ties in with the first one but it’s important that I mention it further. Having comments on your own blog gives you a slight advantage when it comes to ranking with Google.

The more popular your post gets the more “relevant” it becomes in the eyes of Google and other search engines. This is why I’m not following any fads about new comment systems because at the end keeping everything simple is best when it comes to you WordPress Comment System, this is why i prefer this over any other comment system out there especially for us internet Marketers this is a great Seo Marketing tool we can use and have control over.

I know I did not cover other commenting systems this is just my point of view on this.


  • John

    Reply Reply April 17, 2013

    On two of my sites I use the default word-press with akismet but I am having a problem now. On posts with say 10 or 12 comments… it only shows 8. I have 50 checked in discussion and have looked at everywhere else I can think of but can not figure out why only have of the comments are showing

  • Andy Robert

    Reply Reply March 16, 2013

    I used facebook system on my site but the result was different
    Instead the no of comments reduced to 0
    Normal wp system is way better than this

    • Mario Soto

      Reply Reply March 20, 2013

      It really depends on the market really. Some are more active with fb than others. My recommendation if you decide to use fb is to add both options.

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