Using Unique Content and Performance In The Search Engines

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Duplicate Content Major Pain In The Rear Or Is It?

When it comes to SEO duplicate content can be a major issue with your site, the issue is that duplicate content will be filtered out by the search engines. Sure it can be indexed but you’ll be in the abyss in the search engine results.

There is one argument saying what about all those sites that post the same content from news wire sites. Yes that content can rank but those sites have major authority behind them.  For example if Forbes would post a duplicate article from a News wire and I post it here my post will most likely never show up anywhere in the search engines.

So why play that game when you go a different angle altogether and build  unique value for your visitors and give you what they want instead.

What I am saying you can use the content but use snippets as examples and put your own unique twist to it.


Duplicate Content = You Are Going To Be Eating Alive by Hungry Lions!

You are probably Wondering why I put an Lion in this post, well to put it simply if you use the same content that is published somewhere else without any extra unique value you might as well have this lion racing after to eat you alive.

Because that is what you are doing you are destroying the integrity of your content surrounding your prized content by putting up regurgitated crap like a gazelle is after the lions are done with them. I know graphic but you get the point. 

On the whiteboard Fridays from seomoz which I included the video here, I agree with that video whole heartily and it’s how I build my sites in general.

It’s not enough to provide “unique content” you have to provide value as well. The good thing about building a site that gives value to your visitors is that they stay longer on your site which reduces your bounce rate. Which is taken into account where your site ranks in the search engine.

Granted this is not the only metric that will help you rank but if you get this right you can get traffic from other sources.

Your visitors will tend to like, share and send your content to there friends if they find it valuable and they feel that there friends will as well. Simple and effective tactic.

Also Engage your visitors and encourage them to comment on your posts, this also increases the uniqueness of your content because all those comments are associated with article (post) and it also increases the authoritative value of your content.

Now Let’s back to duplicate content

Have you ever searched for something online and see the same results show up on the first page?

What happens when you land on a page that had regurgitated content?

You hit the back button just like hitting the spam button on your emails it’s the same premise right. So make sure that you set yourself apart when you build your sites.


Don’t let them Spam you and never come back! I know it’s not exactly spam might as well be!

Duplicate Content Even Internally Can Hurt Your Entire Site & Rankings!

If you had or have any duplicate content on your sites it can harm your site. I have noticed this myself, I had one page that was an article that I used from an affiliate program when I first started doing sites and guess what this particular section of that blog actually was hurting my domain authority and rankings of my entire site so.
You have two options when this happens you can rewrite the article or just write a similar new article and do a 301 redirect from the old link to the new one that has fresh and updated content that is a lot better than the previous article.

Now let’s talk about Curation, he sort of touched upon this but a lot of people do curation the wrong way by just copying clips from different sources and adding a snippet of content on the top and bottom. Umm yeah that’s duplicate content because you are not adding real unique value to your visitors.

 So in my opinion take a few extra minutes and add some value that your visitors will appreciate.

Let’s take this very post for example it’s geared around the seomoz whiteboard that talks about unique content, but I added my own personal experience about it.

This is an angle that you can use to create unique value to your content. Simple huh and yes it can be that simple, just add value to what you are adding to your blog and you’ll gain better traction than just regurgitating the same thing everyone else is doing.

SEO RoadblockBiggest Roadblock Most have is? 

Content Creation – One of the biggest obstacles I hear all the time is I’m not a great writer, I suck at this! I’ll tell you a secret so did I and sometimes I still do but I have a secret weapon.

I mostly use curation to create my content, I touched upon it before but I use two tools to do this one is Push button Seo which is an seo/curation tool and I also use a robust tool called Page one curator. Both these tools are amazing at what they do and when you combine them it’s like an explosion of information streaming out our brains. 



Great Tool To Best Increase Your Productivity Ten Fold

Now there are many curation software’s out in the market but one that I have been using is called Page One Curator It’s worth taking a look at it. I love this tool I use it often on my niche sites and it makes my life a lot of easier when I am adding value while leveraging other peoples content aka curation.

The Creator Paul Clifford is an amazing person I had a chance to meet up with him in NYC a few months back.  Besides having dashing good looks, British accent and dreamy eyes…. Ok All joking aside and Paul been building software for many years so I know how great his software is plus it is built on Adobe Air so you it will  work on both Mac and PC.  

Page one Creator is a tool I can’t live without it makes my life a hell a lot easier and I know it will make your life easier once you get to using it yourself. 

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  • Andy Robert

    Reply Reply March 16, 2013

    Mario i used some content of a review site to increase the content, will it decrease my site value ?

    • Mario Soto

      Reply Reply March 20, 2013

      Depends how you structure it, if you are going to use snippets from another site make sure you give them credit and use block quotes around the content you are using.

  • Steve Freeman

    Reply Reply January 29, 2013

    Hello Mario,

    Great post as always. I recently posted about a women here in the UK that put her yellow dress on ebay.The image of this yellow dress showed her semi naked in a mirror reflection. I was piggy backing on the back of this viral image and got a huge boost in traffic from this post.

    What I failed to do is what you have shown here was to add value AND link it to affilaite links which not only add value but earn for you.

    Stupid I know but it took me reading this post of yours for the penny to drop!



    • Mario Soto

      Reply Reply January 30, 2013

      It’s simple but effective especially if you get a high traffic post the conversions would be better when you give value upfront especially on blogs. At least that’s my opinion. But it doesn’t have to be just an an affiliate link it can be to your own product or an optin for a short report.

      See the mistake I used to do years back was just build review/promo sites. I still do to a degree but now I have a tendency to build sites that are more engaging for the user and if I get less sales in the short run so be it. But what most fail to realize is that you gain a long term relationship with your fan base which will give you a steadier income than just blasting promo after promo.

      Using Trending topics is a good idea to build some traffic to your site. I did that with Google Glass project which funny enough got me over 200 optins and I wasn’t even pushing it. 🙂

    • Mario Soto

      Reply Reply January 30, 2013

      Btw Your Site looks nice 🙂

  • Jeremy Mercer

    Reply Reply January 29, 2013

    Good luck, he has time to teach us but hes a real business man – he is always off speaking or something. Get in his Skype and say you bought something from him he’ll give you his cell number. I’ve called him like 20 times in 2 months and he never sounds mad or annoyed, he loves helping.
    He reminds me of a cooler Brian Johnson (I think you know him), really smart guy just tough to find.

  • Jeremy Mercer

    Reply Reply January 29, 2013


    Came to read this as I’m on James Paul’s list from Constant Content The Google Gift and he preaches “the reader focus”. I have to agree with you both.
    Creating content to please Google is a fight we can’t win long term. For instance when I tied Niche Assault Ammunitions “communication” tips with Constant Content The Google Gift I saw not only a bounce rate of 5% ( FIVE PERCENT!) but more importantly more of a community recence when I’m guest blogging and interacting.
    I also restructured my About page and really went 100% for reader involvement – this has been my first $10k week…. Goes to show you can have all the ranking but if you bore them they won’t buy! Highly recommend you look him up on the forum, smart guy.

    J. U. Mercer

    • Mario Soto

      Reply Reply January 29, 2013

      Thanks I’ll have to look him up.
      Thanks for the tip :).

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