Using Keyword Density Tools Why It’s not Important

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Keyword Density is Waste of Time? Yes it is!

Keyword Density ToolsUsing Keyword Density tools and or checkers are a waste of time when doing Search Engine Optimization. I know that is a strong statement but it’s the truth! When you start working on an article for your site it should have some keywords that are you are targeting in the content that is true but you should never worry about percentages or how many times you used the keyword. It’s real easy to get carried away when you are thinking about metrics instead of the person that is going to read the content you are providing for them. 

See the simple truth is when you are using keyword density or a keyword density meter to determine how many times you should use the keyword mathematically you are doing a disservice to yourself and your visitors. See when I write and article including this one I just write naturally, when I am done I go back and look through the content read it out loud to see if makes sense and reads well.  If it does then I have done what I set out to do and that’s give informational content that users want. 

Write For Your Visitors and Not Search Engines

 The funny thing is when you write like this your keyword density will be perfect in the search engines eyes like Google.  According to Matt Cutts there is no recipe for this at all.  When you use the word to much in your content it only counts a few times then it platues after that. But what can happen and will happen is you use your keyword way to much in your content you can actually cause a negative effect to the content.

Don’t Ever Over Do Your Keywords in Your Content EVER! 

When you are start adding your keyword to much in your content you start going into the realm of keyword stuffing which can cause many negative effects to your site, including bad rankings, your site can be marked as spam you definitely don’t want that. 

They way things are now the best way to build your content is simple write normal that gives users useful information that they can use, which in turn will give you a better score in the search engines. If you take this advice to heart and not use Keyword Density tools you will be better off I never do and I rank just fine in the niches I am in.

The Video I was referencing to that Matt Cutts Explains Why Keyword Density Formula is not Good For SEO and the negative effects is right below for your viewing pleasure



  • Suzanne Glathar

    Reply Reply August 16, 2012

    Your article is food for thought because the last thing you want to do is to harm yourself by keyword stuffing. I write my articles and then check the keyword density with my SEO tool I stay around 1-2% in the articles sometimes you just can't add any more than 1% without sounding unnatural. My system has been effectives and the search engines place me on page one consistently.

  • MynameisJoe

    Reply Reply June 15, 2012

    Hey Mario,

    Well, over optimization of your article repeating way too much your keywords could be a problem to keep the article natural in the readers' eyes.

    But honestly I noticed if you dont add say 1% density nor Google robot nor Adsense recognizes the topic you wrote about.

    Thus the displayed ads aren't relevant & your position in the serps for your targeted keyword isn't good either…

    I wont rewrite until I reach 2-5% but 1% is imho a good ratio.

    • Mario Soto Jr

      Reply Reply June 16, 2012

      Usually you can achieve this percentage in an article without mathematically forcing it. 🙂 Which most try to do, this is the main reason why keyword density tools should be avoided since it can do more harm than good.

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