Best Twitter Application Tweetglide

Best Twitter Application Tweetglide

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I had the opportunity to try out Tweet Glide hands and so Far I love it.

It’s Similar to Tweet Deck in many ways but one of the greatest features I  Love about this app is that you will be able to do extended tweets.

They way it works is that when you do a tweet past 140 characters it is continued on a blog that acts as an extension of all your tweets and they will be see your entire tweet.

The other feature as an internet marketer is the point system based advertisement. For every 5 tweets you get a one credit towards an ad campaign.

But there are time limits on how many tweets count towards a point. I am glad that feature was installed for one because I don’t want to get spam tweeted all the time just to add points.

There is an alternative way to get points, When you refer someone to Tweet Glide you can get points from your down-line.

Watch the video below he explains it in detail more than I can. Let me know what you think.

Watch the Video For the Inside Look At Tweet Glide

Go Check Out Tweet Glide

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