Trying To Be Perfect Kills Your Motivation

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During the past year  in my life I’ve had bad days and great days and regular days like everyone else. I find myself working on a project when I’m almost done  I say to myself wait this is not right and start over.. Now I wasted another 3 hours on this and damn I have to start over.. needless to say there was nothing wrong with the first project. It’s a vicious cycle that will kill your motivation and you plop yourself down and watch TV for 6 hours wasting away doing nothing yet again another day gone.

Imagine yourself doing hours of video to find out it didn’t record right or you don’t like your voice or something a background noise came up and you say to yourself man this is not right and hit the delete..

I’m guilty of this especially last year  I did that a few times spent countless hours doing video, recording audio to start over because it’s not perfect.

A lot has changed for me since  last October when I lost my comfort blanket aka my Job. I was forced to make hard decisions and take action in my own business endeavors even if it brings me  massive failure. You have to keep going. You must take action  in anything you do even if it means it blowing up in your face. Hey you can’t learn if you don’t DO Something Anything!

My point to all this is that take action. I’ve heard so many times from almost ever person I don’t have the time.  My answer to that is I used be just like you I do have a question when you go home what do you usually do?

Do you sit down and watch an hour tv? 2 hours?

What do you do from the time you walk in your door from work to the time you go to sleep?  Ask yourself this right now, see how much time you believe you really have to do work on your own business? Is it 15 minutes? 30? an hour?

Now that you have a set time that you can set aside to do something to make your business progress. Pick one thing that you will do for that set time and stick to it. Turn off the email, turn off phone/cellphone, make sure the tv is off and the remote is far  away from you.  Concentrate on that 30minutes you have to work on your Online business.

I’ll give you an example of my work flow

Day 1- Research for a new niche Time -1 to 2  hours. Go to amazon check ebay keyword tools, Market samurai google, look what’s selling for that niche in clickbank, commsion junction etc.

Day 2 Competition on the keywords I found is it worth it me going into it?  Time 1 hour Check competitions strengths backlinks see how if its going to be hard to first page of google.

Day 3 Same as day 2 Time 1 hour

Day 4 buy keyword rich domains time 30 minutes, star writing articles for the domains – 1 hour

Day 5 write content , do videos what’s needed time 2 hours.

This is just an expample of what my week might look like it all depends on what I decide what i’m going to do with my week. but as you can see 8 hours total of work you can get a ton of stuff done if you just take action.

That’s the morale of my rant Take Action today and you’ll be surprised how much you’ve accomplished by the end of the week.

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  • Gail

    Reply Reply June 6, 2010

    You are absolutely right that perfectionism is NOT a positive thing because it greatly reduces what we can accomplish. We do have to find a balance between productivity and quality and it is not always simple.

    The very best advice I ever heard is supposedly a true story (and the details may be fuzzy but the substance is what is important). In the story, a wealthy man agreed to pay a consultant $10,000 if his ONE idea was the best the successful man had ever heard.

    This is what he told him: prioritize everything you have to do and then work on what is most important first and do not work on anything else until it is complete. Then work on what is next most important and so on.

    What most of us do is try to do the easy things first and they take so much time we never get to the truly important tasks.

  • Brion

    Reply Reply June 4, 2010

    This is a really interesting post. I've always found it hard to be motivated and I'm also very meticulous and have mild OCD. I never saw the link between the 2 until I read this! Thanks 🙂

  • Cindy

    Reply Reply April 11, 2010

    You are totally right about trying to make things perfect, at least this is my case. Sometimes I get a small order with not much design requirements, but still I will try to do my best to keep the quality level and to be honest it is not worth of it. Now I try to keep away from such orders because I know that I will try to do it my best even for small money.

  • Michael

    Reply Reply March 27, 2010

    People tends to over-think things and not taking action. I used to have this problem but have overcome it.. In internet marketing, not every project will be successful, but what's important is to keep doing it and there WILL be some that are successful and making money!

  • Mike

    Reply Reply January 29, 2010


    Great post, I've been thinking of this quite often of late. Many how struggle marketing and making money online fail because of not taking action. Investing your money into a course or program is the easy part. You do have to commit to putting it to use, so have an action plan or check list of actions to do daily, weekly or monthly.

    Glad to see it's working out for you! Thanks for reminding all of us

    Mike S

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