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Sitebildz Looks Interesting But Is It Really A Timesaver?

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SiteBildz from the creators of Senuke are coming out with a new product called SiteBildz. It does have a lot hype around it which doesn’t phase me but it did peak my curiousity a little bit. 

See I was an avid user of senuke (xcr) for many years so I know the software they put out are usually top notch. But So far they weren’t saying much about the what it is. But they recently released a video that sorta shows  a glimpse of the dashboard.

In the video they say that you can most of your business needs all in one place. I was quick to to capture an image that shows up on the video to see at least what features are in the Sitebildz Dashboard.

So Far this is what I can figure out and you can see the video and the screen shot below.

    • Niche Research
    • Niche Competition Analysis
    • Product search – Mostlikely Amazon 
    • Domain Manager – I’m hoping it manages domains from other registrars not just the one they probably will offer. I’m almost sure this is more like a site manager 
    • Theme Manager 
    • Content Manager – Might be able to post to multiple sites from one location which would be a cool feature. I’m 99% positve that you will be able to.
    • SEO – This one can mean a few things, it could be the seo analysis of your onpage seo. The Seo setup on your site
    • Social Media Posting – now this one really intregues me since I do integrate a lot of my social media into my sites this would be a huge timesaver if they have ways you can add your own. But at least I’m gathering it will have Facebook, Google plus /page, linkdin, pinterest, foursquare and I’m hoping tumblr would be awesome
    • There are two blurred out so we’ll have to wait and see what it is in the next coming days.
    • now the icons I do see in the middle suggest you can browse/seach amazon, clickbank, google and have access to email client as well since that blue icon is exactly awebers icon. 
    • If you pay attention you see Project Status – That leads me to believe that there might be some automation involved, like scheduling stuff like that
    • You can Manage All your Monitzation from one Place as well which is definite time saver
    • WordPress Install – I hope they let me customize since I’m a stickler when it comes to installations.

This is still not iron clad information but at least we can take an educated guess what it is. 

Here is the Image Below to Sitebildz and the Video To give you a general Idea What it is




 I can’t fully tell you if this is worth it or not but right now they peaked my interest enough that I made this post about. While you are here join my freemium members training. You’ll get a jump start with your SEO and as soon as I know if this is worth the price or not I’ll let you know. 


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