Short Codes Deluxe Review

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Short Codes Deluxe Is It Worth It Or Not?

Short Codes Deluxe is one of those plugins that you think to yourself do you really need it?

It has all these little shiny buttons on it but what does it really Do? I got my hands on it as soon as Mark Opened up the Short Code Deluxe for purchase. This is one of those tools that I would buy, because if I want to create a sales page or add graphics. These shortcodes will make a lot easier


Granted I can use Authority Pro or other themes that have them built in. But I have other themes that I love using like Avenue A which don’t have functions like these I would have to go in add the graphics manually, which is very daunting.

So here is what this does you can add various graphics on demand. I think it’s pretty cool for what it does here are some features for the full version of the Short Codes Deluxe 

    • Bullets and Numbers
    • Johnson Content Boxes
    • Add To Cart Buttons
    • High Imact Signs Like
    • High Impact Phrases
    • Banner Content Boxes
    • Testimonials Boxes
    • Guarantee Forms /Boxes
    • Headline Fonts
    • Content Line Dividers
    • And Whole Lot More

Here Are Some Graphics That Are included in the Short Codes Deluxe Plugin


Click Here To Learn More About Short Codes Deluxe

 3 Domain ($37), Unlimited Domains ($77), and Developers License ($127

Now the Short Code Deluxe  there are three versions

    • First option is for $37 it gives you rights to use the short codes deluxe plugin with only three sites
    • Second Option is  For Unlimited Domains which will cost you $77
    • Third Option and it’s the option I purchased is the Developer License for $127 this is the one you can use for your clients and you get some really cool psd’s as well (well worth the purchase)


I highly recommend you get the  For The Developers Version it’s the one I purchased and I already made my money back by using the Short Code Deluxe on a sales page of one of my clients. This is an opportunity to get Short Codes Deluxe which is really the best way to have these codes not tied to any theme. This is why I love it so much. It’s well worth the cost which you’ll make it back quickly when you start promoting products as an affiliate or even as a vendor

This is a plugin I see myself using for a long time. 🙂

P.S. Short Codes Deluxe Does have a 60 Day Money Back Guarentee in Through Clickbank So if you decide for any reason you don’t like  Short codes Deluxe Plugin You can rest assurd your money will be refunded to you no questions asked. 

Update: They are adding Widget Support to this plugin so you can use this on header, footers and sidebars as well.
That’s is pretty cool in my book Let me know what you think of the Short Codes Deluxe Review Below. Leave a comment about the plugin or just say hi 🙂


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