Internet Marketing Strategies- Seth Godin Quiet The Lizard Brain

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I’m always looking to be more productive, finding better Internet Marketing Strategies I can implement into my business to make it more efficient and effective. This video is an example of things you need to do with your life and business to better yourself in the long term.

Seth Godin is a genius, if you don’t know who Seth Godin is well he’s been a bestselling author, He was the Founder and CEO of Yoyodyne, which was later acquired by yahoo in 1998. Yoyodyne at the time was at the cutting and it was the industry leader in Interactive Direct Marketing, You might also know of him as the CEO of Squidoo.   When you are starting a project he suggest that when you are doing any project should always do all your thrashing of a project at the beginning stages than  towards the end of developmental cycle. Many companies do this like Microsoft, it makes total sense to do the heavy testing of a product at the early stages because it is a lot cheaper and you can stay on budget.  Keeping this same mentality in everything you do including your Internet Marketing Strategies will make you a better business person overall because you are not constrained by your lizard Brain.

But what really got to me in this presentation by Seth Godin, is how everyone is always Sabotaging themselves. When anyone is doing a project they always find an excuse to fail. This is what I’m getting out of all this. You need get over your “primal doubts” and move on with your project get all the kinks out of your project in the beginning stages. Do test runs, show it to your friends, colleagues in the industry let them critique it. But don’t let the lizard Brain take over and make you fail.  Watch the Entire Video it’s very enlightening for anyone even thinking of starting your business, it has a lot useful information that can be used with your Internet Marketing Business.

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