Seo Blogger Plugin Optimize Your Posts as you write them

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Seo Blogger Plugin works with Firefox plugin made by Wordtracker. You can use it while writing/creating  posts on your blog.

It’s pretty simple to use just enter in the keyword you want for the specific post it does suggests keywords for you and you can add the ones you like to your post. Of course you have to write good quality content but this can help spark ideas while you are writing so keep that in mind when you do start using this tool that it will only help you in your creativity but it’s up to you to bring out the stellar content. 

You Can Download it For Free By Clicking on this link ==> Seo Blogger Plugin


  • Jack

    Reply Reply April 24, 2010

    Another problem with the home page is the fact that many keyword phrases often rank well for it. A few keywords may perform better if you are able to adapt your strategy and target some interior pages for some of the keywords. Your website analytics package should help you see what keywords are being used to reach the home page or any other page with a crowded keyword field.

  • Mario

    Reply Reply January 28, 2010

    sometimes you just need to add more keywords besides the main ones your looking to rank this makes it faster to find some lsi keywords you can use in your content.

  • ganar online

    Reply Reply January 27, 2010

    Sometimes it's really that simple, isn't it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  • ganar online

    Reply Reply January 25, 2010

    Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

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