Search Engine Optimization: Things To Avoid

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This Is Geared Towards Business Owners and Seo Marketers
There Are Very Important Lessons For All Of Us!

Search Engine Optimization Things To AvoidA good number of Internet companies have become interested in search engine optimization, primarily because it is one of the best ways to increase a site’s traffic. Unfortunately, these same individuals often try to get started too quickly and get involved with techniques that are not beneficial to anyone. Read on for some SEO strategies to avoid.

Never Ever Over Optimize!

While it is true that any keyword you hope to be ranked highly for needs to appear on your webpage, it is important not to overdo it. Some individuals get so caught up with keywords that they make heavy mention of them all over their site. The problem with this is that the phrases are often placed where they do not belong, creating confusing content. This has two potentially harmful consequences; visitors to the site will not appreciate what they see and probably will not return, and search engines will also be unimpressed.

Beware of Buying links on Known Sites that use this tactic

Links are a large part of the search engine optimization process. It can be very time consuming to get links, so some people have tried to purchase them in order to save time and speed up the process of getting ranked. Many times, services that sell links reach out to website owners without that individual ever even inquiring about the process. However, this is definitely something to avoid. Links are supposed to indicate that another party views your website favorably; search engines are cracking down on pages that display purchased links as a result.

Are They Really An SEO Expert?

It can be very tempting to get help with the search engine optimization process from someone that bills him or herself as an SEO expert. Just like with anyone else that you would hire, however, it is important to look into their background before paying them anything. This includes asking for references and getting samples of work they have done previously. Investing a little time is the only way to be sure that you are hiring a legitimate professional and the only way to get the results you want.

I like My Spam with Ham! But Not When It Comes To Link Building

Refrain from spamming forums with your website address or links to articles. A good number of people believe they can get their company’s name out this way, but it will not work and others will know what you are trying to do. The truth of the matter is that there is no easy way to make forums work for you. You have to spend some time posting valuable information and helpful comments. In order to get posters to notice you, read through what they have to say and formulate an intelligent response to it. Above all, do not spam; you can get the results you want with a little bit of effort.

Being Lazy using the same content over and over again? Bad Idea!

Do not continuously post the same content over and over again. Search engines respond positively to sites that put up content often, moving them up within the search ranks as a result. Some people have made it a habit to just put up the same pieces time and time again and think that they will find success that way. However, while this tactic may be beneficial for a very brief time, search engines are smart. They know how to identify duplicate content, so anyone using this method will be found out sooner or later. Do things the right way, and you will never be sorry.


As search engine optimization  has become more popular, there will be an increasing number of resources dedicated to helping people make the most of it one place is marketing easy street where it’s a community of like minded individuals that help each other with our business. Keep this article in mind, and refrain from doing anything that could potentially hurt your company’s ranking among the search engines. When done correctly, SEO is a great way for businesses to increase their revenue and freeze out their competition, if you need further help and are using wordpress as your content management system. I Strongly  recommend that you check out a great Seo Plugin called Push Button SEO it can save you tons of time and aggravation with getting your search engine optimization done right from the start. 

These are Additional Tips For SEO That You Should Follow 


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