Reliable Hosting For A Cheap Price For Internet Marketers

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I have been holding back to make this post for awhile now. But If you do a Google search for reliable hosting or cheap hosting with cPanel all you will find is whatever is on the top 5, 4 or 3 are not usually the best choice for hosting. It’s the best choice for them because of the commissions. So what do you do when you want reliable hosting ask in forums is one place you will get a ton of responses other places newsgroups are good place as well but don’t ask in yahoo answers because most of the time you have lurker marketers that will tell you what you want to hear so click on the link and go to the site and pick what they get paid for the most.

Funny thing is most of these Niche sites are usually hosted on a hosting provider that is listed may on the 10th spot why because they don’t pay as well as the others.
Me personally I use hostgator for this site and for all my sites now. I’ve tried a bunch of different hosting like bluehost and hostmonster and they can’t compare to the level of service and up-time that hostgator has period. I’ll tell what to look for in a hosting company.

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First thing I look it as is Scalability – Can you get a shared hosting account and when you need to move it all the way up to a dedicated server without hassle.

Second is Unlimited hosting of websites. All say this and it’s not exactly true, If you are building wordpress sites you need mysql database to make them work with companies like Hostmonster and Bluehost the max sites you can make with Word press built sites is 100 max. I wouldn’t recommend to go past 40 on their shared hosting account to be honest I don’t think it can handle more than that per hosting. This may vary this is personal experience ok results may vary for you. That being said Lets move one Hostgator by the way has True Unlimited Hosting.

Third is Up-time- OH MY GOD these hosting companies that have no scalability types I’ve had horrible issues with. I’ll give you an example I had a site on bluehost which I started to push traffic to and bam it went down. Then two days later they had my site down for 8 hours to do MySql server switch..

Have they heard of backup servers? The last straw was when they had a power outage they said it was beyond their control. WRONG! when you have service type business that deals with people’s lives, business etc you don’t have beyond our control power outages. What you do have is an offsite back up server cage that you can use in case of issues like building power shutdowns etc. This is just not acceptable.

Fourth they need to have cPanel Interface this will make your life easier installing your wordpress sites doing any back end work that you need to do.

Lastly they have to be on Linux server based this is really important because of a lot of server site applications require this. So don’t get windows server.

This is a short list of what I look for

Linux Server
True unlimited hosting
Catastrophic event plans

Hostmonster and Bluehost only have 2 of these Linux servers and cPanel ( I know what it says on the sales page but they leave out the fact that they limit you with databases)

Hostgator fits my needs be it a small one site, Unlimited hosting plans personal and buisness, Scaling to Reseller Accounts, VPS to A Full Blown Reliable Dedicated Servers that won’t break your bank.

So If you want hosting that a lot of people are extremely happy with the customer service goes beyond what they supposed to do for you, Have all the requirements I look for then go only for Hostgator the very reliable hosting company


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