Rank Builder Review

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While This Review is still Valid Please Look at my Link Building Software Review For A full Rundown and Updates of the best Link building software in the market. 

What is RankBuilder is it worth your hard earned cash?

You know I didn’t realize but I’ve been using this tool for a awhile now it was going under a different name until I saw a demo of it. I realized what it is It’s a full blown linkwheel tool. It uses the power of Social media tools and blog sites as well like wordpress.com, blogdrive, hubpages squidoo blurty to name a few. Bunch more are built into the program. It has a link booster feature for rss feeds and has social bookmark tool.

Only downside to this tool is that when you are using say one article to blast out to every site that can be bad. That would concern me but it has spinable syntax built in so you can spin your articles to make it unique.

This is the same tool of the been closed for awhile it’s linkbuilder pro I’m 100% sure of it. It’s a decent tool to have.

This is a tool I’ve been using to get my gaming niche sites to big name sites  lol so is it worth the money sure. Here is a screen shot of one of my sites number 2 out of 5.5 million  Here’s the screen shot If you notice I’m beating IGN!  🙂

ranked number 2 out of 5.5million

How to use this tool well I would use it on a more established site or use part of it’s power to build links slowly since you can pick and choose the social sites you can blast your articles to you can do slow link building with it.

And btw the monthly is cheaper this time around originally it was more expensive.

This is the software demo from the original it’s the same concept except they added Recently added

I’ll do a break down of what it does

  • Article Submission (spinnable with in the program itself using spin syntax)
  • Can Create Random Email Address on the fly
  • Selective Link Building ( Can Build hundreds of link quickly or Slowly your choce)
  • Use of Decaptcher.com built in
  • Use of proxies (recommended)
  • Website Registration Auto Generated
  • Can add Ping.Fm right into the program ( get even hundreds more links this way as well)
  • Can add Only wire info right into it
  • Can Add Hostmyrss.com into the program
  • Can Build on the fly social media type sites like wordpress, blogdrive, hubpages, livejournal squidoo, wetpaint Etc
  • Link Booster feature through Rss Directories
  • Social bookmarking
  • So is it worth it For me it is It’s a time saver

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Update on my use of Rank Builder

It has a learning curve I’m not going to tell you it doesn’t. But after you set it all up it’s a breeze to work with at least for me it is.

It’s just another tool in my arsenal that’s the way I look at it.
But for the most effectiveness you need to know how to spin or get the best spinner and drop the nested spun articles into it.

One thing I do recommend is that if you are to worried about “High Quality Articles” to blast out for links then well your gonna have to change your way of thinking. They just have to be good enough, So basically if it’s an ok article spin that use those to blast out to your minions of blogs to get back links.

For the people that can’t their heads wrapped around ok content vs using high quality content this tool will be zero effect for you because this tool is about speed, then it’s not for them.

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Keep your high quality articles for your money site, Use ok articles which you can get for 2 to 3 bucks an article in odesk (doesn’t have to be perfect it’s about speed not quality) for the spun articles.

So I’ll wrap it up with this
If you want speed, not hung up on it has to be perfect content to get links, then this is for you.
Because the name of the game is getting back links from a bunch of different sources. with varied anchor text and all in all less work for you.
To do what this does for me in back links would take me hours if not days to do now I just set it and I go do something else.

This is my opinion on rank builder, I don’t care if its made by Alex Or anyone else for that matter.
I look at tools this way
Will it save me time?
Will it give me the results that I’m looking for?
Will it bring the desired results I’m after
Will help me beat you out of position in search engines for money words?

If can answer yes to all of them then I try it out so far I like it. Again this is my personal opinion and I’ve had months using this tool so I have a heads start with it.

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