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Stop Struggling With Your Seo There is An Easier Way!

 Push Button SEO  is the best  solution to all your on page Seo needs Even Google will  love you for it – I know Strong Statement but if you follow what it suggest that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

 Hi Mario Soto Jr here bringing you a quick review of Push Button Seo. This is a Suite of Seo tools I have been using for the past few months and I’m extremely happy with. Below I will show in a few things you must do with your seo and why Push Button Seo will make all this mundane chores you need to do every time you work on your site a breeze. I really feel that this is one of those push button that actually work well and it truly holds up to the name. I’ve made a video below doing a full demonstration of what Push Button Seo can do. I do want to mention that is only part of what it can do and I just did very quickly. My stance on push button is very stringent and this one has passed with flying colors.

One of the reasons it works so well is because Brian G. Johnson put all his knowledge he has into making this tool as easy to use for everyone. Plus he put in every aspect of his ten plus years of experience into this tool. Brian is a great guy he really looks out for his students and this is the next best thing you can have. Because you basically have Brian at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week when you buy Push Button Seo.  I know that’s a large boast but every word is true. Plus you’ll have access to an incredible forum with some very bright individuals helping you with every aspect of Seo so you don’t have to be alone in all of this.

Watch this Push Button Seo Demo Video Below

Where I’m only showing part of the power of the push button seo suite goodness!




Follow this link to learn more about Push Button Seo and and exclusive Push Button Seo Bonus




Let’s break down some simple tactics that you can do right now to help you with your seo

Adding Header Tag to your content – By Doing this you are telling the search engines to look at that phrase closer, because this is what your content is mostly about.

Add a video – When you add a video you increase the time they stay on your site which helps the Google determine how relevant your article is to the topic you are writing about.

Relevant Unique Content – When you are writing your content don’t write for the keyword you want to rank for but instead write your article with your visitor in mind. You will get better results using this tactic alone because when a person lands on your page and see’s what they are looking for the tend to stay longer on your site which ties in perfectly to my next point.

Reducing your bounce rate – By adding a video and relevant content for your visitors enjoyment not just the search engines your bounce rate will reduce over time. What is bounce rate? It’s simple it’s the time from when the users land on your site until they leave, the longer they stay the better it is for you.

Add and Image – When you add an image to your article you have an opportunity to add an alt tag to it. In your alt tag you can add the keyword you are looking to rank for. This will help two fold, first you’ll have a chance to rank in the image search engines and secondly it gives your content more  relevancy overall.

Out Bound links – Don’t worry about losing link juice when you do this because this increases the trust with Google and other search engines that you are here to help and not just to make money. You want that trust!

Here is an updated video I did for Just my Push Button Seo Bonus

Here is the Transcript of The Push Button Seo Bonus Video

Hey guys, Mario Soto, Jr. here and I’m on my review site Push Button SEO. The reason that I’m here is because I want to make a quick video on my Push Button SEO bonus. Now, my bonus is multiple levels. It’s not just one thing. All of it is stuff that I created myself. It’s not PLR content and stuff like that. So I want you guys to understand that I put my heart and soul into these bonuses. The reason that I did that was, one, because I believe Push Button SEO is going to be great. Well, it is great because I use it all the time. If you see a previous video that I spent almost 30 min. going through the product quickly, that was a pre-release that I’ve had and I’ve been beta testing it since last year and it’s gone through a lot of changes for the better.

One of the reasons that I feel that this suite is going to be so beneficial to all of you, is for the simple fact of all the changes that Google has been doing lately, and not just Panda. I’m talking about the way they measure your back links and how over optimized sites are going to get hit. You want to optimize your sites in a certain way that is still natural and your content will be more towards the user, but you still get the SEO goodness.  The great thing about Push Button SEO is that it’s geared towards just that.

We’ve been talking about this type of SEO a long time. I am a student of Brian. I’ve been a student of his for a few years now and I’ve become in his inner circle. I’ve gotten tips directly from him and stuff like that. But this is really important that, even if you don’t have Brian, basically, in your Rolodex, showing my age, but basically you can call him anytime. This is the type of thing that you want because, basically, you have Brian at your fingertips when you use Push Button SEO. If you want to know more about that, look at my previous video that I created because its 30 minutes long I want to cover my bonuses.

Now the first bonus is access to my VIP platinum membership and I’m not going to hold anything back. I’m going to give you access to everything I have in there. There are things like maximizing your online income with some powerful marketing strategies, there’s Evergreen Tactics. I have a whole series on gaining the first page rank and stick. I explain how Google correlates all of this and how your site stays up there as much as possible. I also go into profit funnels, and how to bulletproof them and it’s really important to know how to get your buyers to convert better.

You want them to also stay on your site and actually come back. So there are things you want to do to actually have your site with return visitors. I do that. I feel that I would rather have a person that keeps coming back to my site then just new visitors. I’d rather have both, but it’s good to have some retention. I talk about all of this.

I also talk about surviving any Google algorithm and I wrote this before Panda came out. It’s more true now than ever before and I kind of saw this coming and that’s why I talked about the algorithm shifts and the things that you should do with you’re SE0. I also talk about perennial SEO and its critical for your SEO and you’ll learn more about that. You’ll learn how to minimize your footprint, which is huge right now, especially if you know that Google is targeting private blog networks and you don’t want that type of footprint, but you know there’s other footprints that you want to be aware of that you know could be detrimental to your rankings.

I also talk about traffic strategies that I use all the time and these things work like gangbusters and have never failed me over the years. These are things that I use as my staple of my business, both for my local SEO and my online networking efforts. So it does work. There’s a lot more in my private members area.

I’m also throwing in about 40-ish PLRs that you can use in any which way you want. They are good PLR books and the great thing about them is that you pretty much can use them for your opt-ins, stuff like that. You can even sell them if you wish. It’s up to you. They are full PLR rights.

I also kind of did a quick book on list building takedowns because a lot of people have a fear of list building. List building is not that difficult if you learn the psychologies and the simple effective formulas that give you a highly responsive list. You don’t have to have thousands of people. You can have hundreds of people and still have the same effect. You want to give them quality over quantity. I would rather have a small list that’s responsive, people that trust me because I give them good information.

I’m going to go on the side of banter a little bit here, but a lot of people tell you lists, promote every day, promote everyday. I’m not that type of person. If you’re on, any of my lists you’ll know that sometimes I’ve been quiet for a week and then I’ll just come back and give you some good information. Maybe provide you with a good quality product that you might be interested in. It’s no pressure and that’s the type of person I am. I only promote things that I use myself and Push Button SEO is no different. So this is why I’m putting so much of myself into these bonuses.

Now, special bonus number three, I wasn’t gonna do this. Hear that again, I wasn’t going to do this part because I’m still writing this and I’ll show you it right here. Right now it’s roughly about 81 pages of just content and I have to go back and make it look pretty and stuff like that, but it’s basically everything I do for getting my rankings and it’s all about link building, fax and missile link velocity. I talk about authority models, product models every type of link building that I use today, not yesterday, not last year, stuff that works for me right now.

This is crucial to build your links in a way that they seem, they are as natural as possible and also you want them to be, I said natural. You want them to be quality links, but you want to make sure of those links. I talk about the secrets of bulletproofing your business or your site so that algorithm changes. I do cover it twice, which is interesting, but they’re two different angles, so you’ll learn one of them. One of them is downloadable and one of them is my membership site, so it’s pretty cool. You can have either or.

Now building your link in tiers, this is very important because a lot of people don’t understand, because people think you just throw a bunch of links on your site and you’re going to get rankings. No, that’s not the way you do things. You have to know how to structure your links, where to send them to, you know stuff like that. You don’t have to worry about percentages, but you have to have a general idea of what you want to do and I cover that a lot more. You want to compound your link building, you want to know what kind of foundation of the links you got to do. You cover regular links all the way to basically what I call premium links or higher authority links. I’ll cover how to get those and some of them do take time. There are some methods that I talk about and they’ll probably be in a separate module. They probably won’t be in this one because this one’s already close to 20,000 words on that particular part of the course. So I’m probably going to separate that and give you different models that you can go after for the different tiers.

I talk about the way to perennial properties and how to leverage them properly. Which ones you should spend more time with over the ones that you can use to leverage other ones and the way that you link them is really important. So you want to make them as friendly to the search engines as possible without getting hit by them by using them.

I also talk about leveraging pre-existing domains. How to use blog networks properly so, because now that Google is actually going after blog networks you’ve got to be really, really extra careful when you use these things. I also show you a way that you can build your own private blog network and how to structure it and stuff like that, how to reduce footprints on them and stuff. There so much I can’t really go into it. I mentioned link velocity when I showed you the book. That was one of the first things I talk about.

Leveraging other people’s hard work. This is freaking awesome. I love this method because you can actually use other people’s content in a way that is very friendly. It’s not what you think it is. It’s actually something that you can use all the time and you’ll get tons of traffic because of it. You know, I also talk about link wheels. Are they really dead? The short answer is no, but you have to know how to use them. I also cover social signals, which is extremely important nowadays. It’s just basically building an entire linking profile that’s looks natural and you also want your sites to eventually go viral. So that’s why social signals are so important.

I also talk about, different tactics that you can use that has nothing to do with Google rankings, but you can get massive amounts of traffic just using those methods. I cover that because the simple fact is no matter what you do, there are certain keywords they’re gonna take you a really long time to rank. But you want to get traffic to them. So these are ways that you can use, almost immediately if you follow what I talk about. Okay? There’s a lot more in this course because I’m actually still writing it. By the time this releases, I should be done with it and you guys will get full access to that.

Those are my three modules and I’m considering adding something else, but that’s a lot. So for a product that I’ve fully feel strongly with, I can’t even talk today, but it’s really important you get something like this for your sites because it will keep you in balance and you want to have some type of balance on your sites. I also wrote an article, and you can see it, at pushbuttonseo.org and you can see it at scrolling up. It’s talking about overly optimizing your site, which is on the way out. I’m probably going to change that overly op the sites on the way out will actually make sense.

So this kind of covers what I’ve been talking about for two years. So I’m kind of glad Google did this. But all you have to do to get my bonus is follow these instructions to the letter. When it’s released, and you want to read this carefully because you I want you to follow the instructions I actually give you, when you send me the information I want you to make sure you clear your cookies and then click on the links on this site. Then you send me your receipt, not the email with your license, please. People have done this before during presales of the beta. People actually sent me the licensing information and I can’t verify it with that. I need the actual e-mail you used, if you know don’t know where the receipt is and the full name that you purchase it with. That gives me a way to find you.

Now, and you have to give me both, your full name and your e-mail if you don’t give me the receipt and I say it right here. All you have to do is e-mail me at downloadyourbonus [AT] gmail.com. Please don’t e-mail me at other addresses you might know of. Don’t pm me, don’t private message me in the forums because I won’t respond to those because I need a centralized place to do this and give me some time to do this because basically it’s only me.

So all you have to do is click on the link below this one. It’ll be here because I’m having a notification. When you come to this and you see this here just enter your name and e-mail and I’ll e-mail you when the product is good to go and that’s my ugly mug here if you want please leave a comment, let me know what you think. It’s coming out April 5 and this is a great SEO suite that you need to have in your business. Especially, if you want to progress more with your SEO, you don’t have to think about it. This is what I like about it. It’s there, it kind of reminds me, I’m like, okay, okay, do this, this and this. Okay, it’s green good I’m good to go. That’s what I love about it.

So all you have to do is click on the link below this video, if you’re on YouTube and come to the site and sign up for the waiting list. Or just click on the link below and come to the site and if you see that it’s open just click and just follow these instructions. Click to add to cart, it will send you on your merry way and you’re going to love me for it. By the way, when you’re done with this you’re going to go into a forum that I’m the admin for. So, you can ask me any questions there, as well.

Click Here For More Information On Push Button SEO

 So I’ll see you on the other side and come look at these bonuses because I want you to have a good understanding of what I’m really offering you and this is a lot. Especially, for a product like this. Usually, I wouldn’t put this much bonuses and I am going to limit this. So you might come later and some of these bonuses might have changed. So I want to mention that that these are limited and I’m going to add this is for a limited time only. So I’m probably only going to do it for the first month or so of the launch because I’m probably going to be releasing this link building strategy as a separate product line. I know I am, so I just want to mention that to you guys. All right? So just click why was that there was to the link below and I’ll see you guys later..

Push Button Seo Does All This For You And More! 


These are just some tactics you can use with your seo needs and it’s even easier because you don’t have to remember any of this! With Push Button Seo it will tell you what is missing and what needs to be improved in a way that Google loves.

I love this Star wars image so much because it’s what most of us go through when we are first starting out with our business online. The takeaway from what Yoda is saying is that you should believe in the force of Seo. Believe in yourself that you can do what is needed to make it work.

This is why I have made a special page on my blog just for Push Button Seo Because I believe with all my heart and the forces that surrounds us that if you use Push Button Seo it will give you a huge advantage from those that are just winging their seo.

Push Button Seo is the way to become one with the force use it to beat down your competition with lightning quick accuracy you will never be swinging in the dark instead you’ll have a clear conscious, focused and accurate seo strategy that will propel you past those who don’t take full advantage of every seo juice you can get out of your blog.

I believe in Push Button Seo So much I’m Adding a Push Button Seo Bonus which will include list building, full access to vip members area and more.. Click on the link To find out more about my Push Button Seo Bonus