Push Button Seo Full Demo by Me

Push Button Seo Full Demo by Me

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I am posting the Entire Transcript Below to My Demo Video of Push Button Seo

Hey, guys, Mario Soto Jr. here and today I wanted to talk to you about a Panda-friendly way to build your sites and I’m going to do a full walk-through on Push Button SEO, the software suite. It’s a set of plug-ins that you can use to basically make your content as Google-friendly as possible.

And the reason I’m showing this cute little Panda is that, you know, this is the way the Panda’s going to treat when he sees the way your content is on your site because you’re going to be building good quality content. You’re going to give him as much of the content, links, videos, images and a whole bunch of other stuff that they like. So, you know, it’s pretty cool. You can check out my review here on pushbuttonseo.org. I’ll be adding this video shortly to this actual site so you can check it out for yourself.

What I’m going to do is, I’m actually install it on my test log. I have it live on other ones, but I want to do it from scratch. So I’m going to show you right from the start basically what you get. I’m just going to go to plug-ins right here and upload the new version, which is this one here, and hit install. Then after that, you just basically activate the plug-in like anything else and just go into the Push Button SEO here and you have to have an activation code. So, I’m going to grab my activation code, I’m going to pause the video for a second while I put it in.

Okay, so the code is verified. So let’s go through the test. The optimizer; basically, all these settings, you can leave them as-is. These are the recommend the settings, what we can recommend for it. The one that you want to use for your homepage for the optimizer, you want to leave this here. But for your links, your homepage, primary keyword. This is the main keyword you’re going to be targeting for your entire site.

So if your site is on dog training, I know that they beat that to death, that’s what you would type here. Since this model is going to be on dog training and since I’m doing something with dogs, I’ll just do this one right here. I’m just going to save the changes here, cancel that.

On to content, you’re going to need a Flickr API. So let’s go grab one real quick. I only click here, but if you click on it, it’s going to alt-tab here, and you’re just going to get a key here. I could just grab this key here and while I’m building a personal website or blog where you’re using your own images. I’m not going to sell the services so I’ll do this one and just create an app name. Right? Let me sign out because I’m actually using the community one. So let’s do this again. And I’m going to sign in and what the hell is that? I’m just going to use my Facebook. Sure, why not? All right, let me just finish this registration so I don’t have to bore you.

Okay, so we just click for “apply for the key now,” and my app doesn’t make money. Well, my app makes money, but you’re in a family-run, small or independent business. That’s where I’m at, so I’ll just do that one. And you’ll name your app name here. This could be anything. Just something you can remember. I’m just going to put something here. I’ll just put an app name and let’s see, [inaudible] my website. So I’m just going fill this information and hit “submit,” and then I’ll get back to you.

All right, so you get the name of your key and your API key and your secret keys. You copy this entire thing, and just drop it in here and paste it and hit “save.” Then you’re good to go. All right, so now that we’ve got our API key, now we can have some fun with Push Button SEO. Just for the future, we’re going to have training videos here and everything, and it’s pretty cool.

So, let’s go into your post. Like I said, this is my test blog. So we’re going to test “help your dog be a better trained.” Okay, so you’ve got links, reports, keywords. So my primary keyword for this will probably be “dog training.” Right? And the cool thing is I have [inaudible] here, so dog become better trained, no direct set. Okay, meta title.

Well, that’s fine because I have this site set not to be indexed, which is fine. So I’ll just do it temporarily. Actually, just give me a second. I’ll save this to draft and I’ll just un-publish these. It doesn’t really matter. You don’t have to do this stuff, but this is just something that I’m doing here.

Well, anyway, let’s go into settings, permalinks, and privacy, okay. All right. So, I know this is a little rough, but I’m just doing this right from the beginning. Okay, cool, meta title. It says, “ensure the exact keyword appear near to you the beginning of the meta title.” So, we could say “help your dog become better trained.” So I could rename this, or I could just say let’s see what happens here. Let’s just do that, what the hell.

Oh, this is not make or break. See this little bar? As long as this goes green, see, it’s already halfway, so let’s go into “report.” The URL is good. The meta title is yellow. The meta description, I haven’t added this. The heading? The heading is all right. The internal links is not there, [inaudible], I don’t have any. So what we’re going to do is, we’re going to go into links. And there’s the home, so let’s actually do this. Let’s do an internal link “to train your dog,” and I’ll just use my little test site here.

If I can write my own. All right. Report. Okay. The URL is cool. Meta title. See, the cool thing is, it says “make sure your keyword appears at or near the beginning.” So, you know, I don’t like doing this, but – “dog training that will help your dog become obedient.” Why not? Save that.

Let’s see what happens. See that? Went all green. So the meta description and the meta title; the meta description is easy. We can do the outbound links. So the next step would probably to get a couple of outbound links. We can look at keywords here. Check this out. You can do some related searches here. See, you got dog training books, dog training tips, classes, videos and you got related keywords. So this is really cool, actually.

So, we go to content and let’s say we want some outbound links from blogs, so we search “dog training.” We don’t have to go out there and dog training command lists. You can probably view it on a new screen. See? There’s a link right there. So we can grab this link and say “copy link address,” and let’s see. What the hell, I’ll do “dog.” I’ll drop it in there, open a new, save draft. It’s all in one place. That’s what I like about it. So we go to “report,” again. See, this moved up a little bit. Now we go into “content” again, and I can search for keywords. Let’s try that one. Oh, yeah, [inaudible] on blog search.  This is pretty cool, actually. It’s awesome, actually. What is the cheapest but good dog training company? Let’s see, effective dog training tools. So, let’s see, let’s copy that one. So we’ll just put it somewhere. It doesn’t matter. I’ll just put it on training. I’m not looking to give them exact links. I’m just looking to have some outbound links here.

Okay. Now, you see that came out really cool. So, we look at the outbound links. It’s yellow. Let’s analyze this again. Good, it moved up. Mind you, this is really cool because if I would actually do this, and I can do it a lot faster, but since I’m actually talking at the same time it takes me longer, but what I love about this is that I’m, like, okay, so I know I have to get the meta description of the outbound links. Maybe I can get one more. So let’s look at the keywords. Let’s look for “dog training certification.” All right, let’s grab this keyword and let’s do content search for this keyword. Right?

So we dump it in here, and we go to “news.” Let’s just grab this link. All right. Let’s just use this one. Boom. All right. That’s good enough. So, now I want to add some more, so I want to look for some dog-training images, right? So we’re going to search this and that’s why we needed API. Actually, let’s just look for A1 because I’m probably just going to change this whole keyword group. That doesn’t look right, so we’re going to grab the medium image. Let’s do that again. Let’s pick the small one and we’re going to do this. Right? Cool. There. It’s in there, right?

So, now we can go in here. We can say say “dog training” alternative key text, let’s say “puppy chew.” What the hell. All right. So now, let’s say I want to add a video here, right? We can do it to the top, the bottom, it doesn’t matter to me. Let’s see a video on dog training. Here you go. Let’s see a medium. I want to put this video probably, I can do it at the top or the bottom, it doesn’t matter. Let’s add this. Let’s add a medium video. All right. And we’re going to save this. Cool.

All right. So now I just need to add the SEO to this, and that’s about it. So I’m doing that in a second. Okay. So I’m going to do this real fast. Usually, I’ll probably think about it a little bit more, but I’m going to put “thought training” here. That’s spelled wrong; I knew it. Anyway. Okay, so I fold the whole thing up. I just made something up real fast. I’m going to hit “save.” That’s the end of the [inaudible]. Boom. It’s green. It’s good to go. You don’t have to get it all the way there. As long as it’s green, it’s good.

There are certain things that you can do, but as you can see the outbound links here says medium. You see it says “outbound links were related,” so I can say “ways to train your puppy.” I can probably link this whole thing out, if I wanted to. Sure. Why not? So let’s actually look at this link. Watch this; link, grab this, copy, grab. That should be an LSI right there, so, paste, add link, save. See what it tells me now.

See, it still didn’t go out. All right. Doesn’t really matter. As you can see I got URL, my meta, my title, I got my headings there, my internal links. I can probably push it a little bit more, but this is more than fine. I got a video. I got an image with dog training there. I got a link, internal link, there, stuff like that. Man, I’m good to go now. This is good for publishing.

So that’s basically it. You know, the gist of it is, basically, it is a real push-button system that you go, basically, down, you know, it’ll analyze. You put your primary keyword for the content here, because it’s going to, you already have your home link here. So, this is already there.

You know, the authority [inaudible] search for keywords is this. It’s pretty straightforward. The most places you’re going to spend is your optimizer, where you’re going to add the primary keyword here, so we can say “dog training tips” or “dog obedience,” stuff like that. I could have even gone on to the list, but I got an image, I got my article there, I got a couple of outbound links.

Now, if we preview this cool-looking article, you can see it’s not bad at all. You know, you got this article, you got a video here, and a it took me longer because I’m doing this video, but usually I can do this probably in a couple of minutes because I know the links.  If I can’t, you know, from my outbound links, maybe I’ll add a news link here or a couple of links to a news feed, you know or just to generate content. Not content, I should generate outbound links.

It’s pretty cool, because, you know, training your puppy, effective dog training tools and I’m linking to this site, which is I have no idea circular breathing has something to do with dogs, but, what the hell. Anyway, but it’s an article about dogs, so.

All right. Cool. Anyway. So it’s a single place for where I can go get content. I can get images, videos, news, I can go to news. I can go to blogs, video, like I said before, images, dog training, and I can also get links. So if I go to “content,” “images,” I can add another image of a dog chewing and stuff like that.

Just have fun with this. I mean, it’s pretty cool because it’s everything in one place. If I were to have to do all this manually, I would to go, do a search, see if I can get an image from here that I can pull in. Then I have to paste it in there. Then I have to go back and look from a video that I can look at, you know. Go to YouTube and then get the embed code and put it in there, then I have to go look for a couple of blogs I can look for. I can just do that right here. You know, I think it’s awesome.

And it includes the description and stuff like that. Like I said before, add a keyword to the ALT tag of an image. That’s fine. Add a subheading, [inaudible] containing your keyword or variations, add bold, italics. I’d even do this and I still pass. So let’s say if I just bold this, then I’m going to use a variation. There. Right? Let’s do one more. Let’s just do the whole thing. Why not? I already added keywords to my ALT tags. See? Watch. Actually, no. Let’s do dog training and I can do the title. I can just name it dogs. Dogs chewing. Why not? Okay. Stuff like that.

Let’s go find one more place where I can add an underline. It’s not the worst case. So, I don’t really look for doing this all the time, but if I can find one, I’ll do it right now.

Cool. So what I did was, I just added another line. Now I just add it there, then I just hit “save.” It only takes me a second, anyway. Let’s see. See, I actually moved it up. So if you can see all the stuff that says “add a subheading, [inaudible],” And that would make more sense here. I’ll just do an H5. I’ll change it, H4.

All right. Cool. So, I know I’m taking a real long time with this, but I wanted to show you from start to finish how to use this cool and, obviously, it’s a lot faster when you’re doing it yourself. When you preview this, you’re going to see, hold on a second, is something blocking this? No, that’s right. Let’s do this. Sorry about my daughter. Let’s just publish it. Yeah, this is my site; it has nothing to do with that, but just do that. Why not? Update. There you go. Cool. All right, that’s cool enough.

So you got an article with all your links, your videos and stuff like that. You got your internal link up here. Why are you training your dog and stuff like that.  And that’s it. That’s pretty much the gist of it. So I’ll probably do another video later on. After you buy it, I’ll probably add it to the bonuses that I’m offering for this, so I’ll just update you guys, and I’ll just put it in my “members” area. And I’ll let you guys know when it’s there. I’ll go through the whole thing, basically; like, a quick run-through of what you should look and little tips that you can do with Push Button SEO. So, I’ll add that to your bonus, and I’ll talk to you guys later.


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