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Project Google Glass – Augmented- Reality Glasses

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I was reading about Google Glasses Project recently and I thought it be cool to have this. I have heard some objections about this, I would get this I love tech stuff like this. This would be great if I can get them built in some cool sunglasses. In this video this guy is running around New York and I know there is so much cool stuff that I see that this would make it so much easier to capture instead of whiping my phone out to take snap shot sometimes it’s to late.

This is the kind of things you would see these glasses  in scifi shows and movies. I’m hoping they will come into production sooner. I don’t know how happy Apple would be about it but hey just think of the possibilities with this. I look at this way running a business and walking around town you can do so much with this. Just don’t use them while driving that would be bad at least if you are wait until you are waiting for the light to change, Even though some of the higher end cars to have heads up displays as long as it’s out of the way when you are driving then maybe it will be ok. It’s better than texting and driving I still see this all the time still!

Some may think that this is too much to soon but I disagree, there really has not been any real advancements lately besides maybe the iPad a few years ago nothing  in tech has really astounded me as of late. Sure you have faster processors, better phones, computers getting smaller and faster. TV’s with speech recognition but nothing like this. 

This is the wave of the future and it’s light years ahead of the time. Having these Google Augmented reality glasses will be interesting and I’m also interested in seeing  it changes our way of life in General. The only other thing that has recently  impacted my life like this is a plugin called Push Button SEO. This really advances the SEO game to the next level and it should be in your aresonal even if you just get the optimizer which you can get for free  you are ahead of the game. But the whole tool is amazing as a matter of fact I am using it right now to create this post isn’t that cool!

Well I am definitely loving Project Glass I can’t wait! I’m Also Loving My new Seo tool.

Here is the Official Project Glass Video


Here is a news Cast about it where they talk about mini wearable computers. It looks like it might be available by the end of the year. I think that Google is getting smart about this bringing this into the masses this will get there own social network Google Plus more attention for main stream. So My thinking is we should all start paying more attention to Google Plus more since it will pick up even more steam when users start using Google Glasses
I’m sure it will take more time than they say in this video below, since it’s still a prototype I don’t expect this to be out until maybe next year.  

 This is something as Internet Marketers that we should keep a close eye on Project Glass. I feel that with this tech in the world it can be a new form of us reaching out to a larger market base quicker. But it’s to early to tell just yet just some brain storming thoughts. 

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