Being Productive While Traveling

Productivity While Traveling

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It’s funny I’m sitting here in JFK Airport waiting for my flight and I started building a new niche site. Since I have One and Half hours to wait for my  flight and I got free wi-fi I said why not. Last year I wouldn’t even think about doing anything while I’m at the airport besides listen to my ipod or stare into space. So to even think about niche marketing while I’m at the airport was didn’t even exist in my grey matter we call a brain.

With so many airports giving free wi-fi for everyone to use why not use, it’s  to your advantage to advance your online efforts and  your affiliate marketing.

So I’m looking around and this is what I notice. I look tho my left and to the right. I have a lady watching a movie in her ipod. Another is just staring into space. Then I see a lady checking her email (Don’t know if it’s productive) Another guy staring at the ceiling.. Lol I’m wondering what he’s thinking.

Well anyway This is what I did for the past hour

I did for the past hour I wrote 10  400 word articles 5 were for my sites in the halloween niche. The other 5 were split between 2 different niches, that I posted on ezine articles right now and 3 for the gaming niche. 

I know this is short post but I just wanted to make a point that if you have a few minutes to do something productive with your Internet Marketing Business go ahead do it. Don’t just sit in the bar getting drinks or just listening to your ipod Get something off your bucket list.

Oh yeah and I wrote this little blurb for my site, now if I had Push Button Seo I could of gone much quicker!

Happy hunting best of luck to all

Signing off


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