Page One Evolution what is it?

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Page one Evolution is coming to a theater near you!

Seriously though Aidan Booth is releasing his new course Page One Evolution that you might be interested in I know I surely am. 

For the past few years I have become familiar with Aidan’s methods of SEO, what I have notices it that Aidan and I have in common is that we can get rankings for keywords that we target. This has not changed even with all the algorithm changes that has been thrown at us. 

Granted I have had sites that have been hit by Google, but these sites were experimental sites that I built outside of the scope of what I know works just to see what others call the “fast” way to get rankings. 

The key for rankings is really simple actually it requires quality content on your page, SEO that is made for the user in mind not the robots. Then off page requires the same type of dedication which is quality links that has quality content coming from authority sites. A social presence is also important but there are so many guides out in the market that teach you the wrong way to build your social aspect of your business that makes my skin crawl. 


Basically there is a right way and a wrong way to do all this Page One Evolution will give you what you need to build a real business online that will be an asset for years to come. 

I have created a special page for Page One Evolution Where you can get the full scoop on my Page One Evolution Review and Bonus which is a going to be a big one.

I rarely recommend products unless I see them first I can tell you that I have already seen a lot of Page One Evolution and I am blown away by the tactics that he uses Especially the advanced one. 

As Matter of fact there was one method which I implemented right away into my business because it would save me hundreds a year which increased my bottom line. I love saving cash and making more at the same time don’t you?

Now I have personally met Aidan Booth and I can tell you he is one class act. He cares for his students as much as I do that is what makes it so great to have a person like this in arena. With so many so called “gurus” that push this crap out in the world and make this industry look bad. It’s refreshing to have a person like this around to balance the crap from the good. 

Page One Evolution

So if you are sick and tired of not making anything and want to learn something that will create a sustainable business for you and your family then you owe it to yourself to look into Page One Evolution.  

If you want to learn some really cool link tactics both top level linking and tiered linking over 20+ link strategies that you can use right away, including a day by day link building plan you just can’t go wrong.

Btw I have been looking through the upsell and I’m am thoroughly impressed even with so many “seo is dead” crap out there we stuck to our guns and have built a business around SEO guess what it’s working better than ever. Just have to do smart SEO not that automated stuff that frankly doesn’t work anymore. You have to take control of your SEO treat with respect and it will reward you in kind. 
Which is What Page one Evolution is all about. I feel it’s more than evolution but a Revolution this is something you should not skip out on. 

Grab it as soon as it’s available which is the first week of Feb. 

 What to keep updated on the progress of  this amazing course head over the my facebook page I’ll update keep you up to date.

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