Niche Market What is this really?

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A Niche Market What the Heck is This? I’ll tell you read on..

To define Niche marketing we have to look at Internet Marketing in general. Because niche marketing is boiled down to many factors that are included in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing is Marketing Products or services via the internet
use tools and resources of the internet to generate revenue for your own product or as an affiliate for other products. where you get paid a percentage of a sale which is called a commission when you refer people on the internet.

A lot of people look at E commerce as an online retailer sending physical products. But E commerce sites can be products that you sell as a digitial download product be it a informational product or software.

Affiliate Marketing is a very attractive model because all you have to do is drive traffic to a product vendor so you can bring up a website if you are doing SEO do write some articles that are relevant to the market you are going after Send them to product vendors website using your very own affiliate link. If you are looking for hosting I highly Recommend Hostgator I have several hosting accounts with them. You Can Try Hostgator for a Penny for the first month.

What I really like about Internet Marketing over other models out there It has it’s advantages. It’s really cheap to get started. You can have a website up for really cheap domain name and hosting can be a few bucks. The upside for internet marketing is that there is still tons of room for people to come into don’t let other people fool you into thinking that you can’t make money online you can it just takes some elbow grease to get started the right learning environment to point you in the right direction and you can see results real fast.

The good thing about Internet Marketing if you build your sites right it can be low maintenance and becomes automated passive income after you’ve done the work upfront.

Ok So bottom line.. What is Niche marketing?
Niche Marketing is targeting a very specific audience of people looking for a product or service. For example like dog training. That’s a niche market, But going into it further crate train your chow is a laser targeted niche. It’s still under dog training but it’s laser targeted to the people looking to crate train their chow. This approach is very effective and it’s best approach.

Keeping Dogs as an example you can delve deep into a very specific group of dogs  that wants to learn a specific training for there pet. If you dig into this niche I bet you can find some gems that you can built a website around and make some nice profits.  This niche is well talked about but if you target specific breeds you might have less competition. 

In conclusion always look deeper into your niches when you are creating a site you can find some really nice traffic keywords that you would of never would of thought of in the first place if you just went and targeted general keywords that everyone is trying to rank. 

These Two Videos are really Good they are about hostile niche take over by Brian Johnson  I suggest you watch them both.


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