Merging Multiple Sites into a Single Site

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Think Carefully Before You Decide to Move Multiple Sites into A Single Site!

Frustrated (Credit: Zach Klein @Flickr.com)

When you decide that you have to many sites in one niche like I am  doing right now and want to merge multiple sites into one Larger sitethis can take some time to do if done wrong can be very frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here is whyI am doing with these particular niche of sites. I am merging them to make them into one for the simple fact that they are closely related and this will make my new site have a ton of content which over time will make the site an authority site plus I don’t have to manage so many domains on the same niche

So here is the steps I am taking to do this Multiple site merge into one site

The very first thing you need to do is to have the new site you are going to merge the content ready with the necessary themes, seo settings, plugins.

The next stage you need to have all your categories ready for where the content is going to be moved to because as soon as you do this you will need to start redirecting the old content to the new one I’ll explain this process a bit in a second. 

For example if one of your sites is on a topic of seo and your other site like my blog is more general you must add it to a proper section in which in my case it would be the seo category.

The next step is I have to move the content one page or post at time to the new site where I am going to be permantely hosting this information.

To do this is a multi-step process To Merge Multiple Sites over to One Single Site

My First step is to make sure that all my sites are in the same Google Webmaster tools account and verified this tells Google that I am truly the owner of all these sites so when they do crawl the content and see’s the changes I have made they know I own the content and will redirect my traffic and page rank over to the proper place. 

Second Step is that you need to copy the content from the old site, paste it on the new post.

Third step you will have to grab your seo information and add that to your seo meta options, in this case I would add it to my all in one seo pack title, description and seo meta tag keywords. Then I would publish the content.

Fourth step I need to create a 301 redirect telling the search engines that the old content is now in the new site. You have to do this for every post. Now I know there is a plugin where I can do this but I rather do this at the host account level.  See this part is tricky because you need to keep your current site up for awhile before the full transition happens. But’s very straight forward process all you have to do is go to the cpanel of the domain you are transfering over your content over (the old site) and create a 301 redirect to the new post.

If you are using hostgator this is very simple just go to your cPanel, look for the section called domains and click on redirects.

Merging Mutliple Sites Using 301 Redirects

From here you will setup the redirect

Type must be “Permanent 301

The domain must be the original domain you are currently using to have the content, make sure you add the entire address in next to your domain. Then you add the entire sitename.com/post.html into the redirect. 

There is a next part leave it as is usually it should say Redirect with or without www. You should have this option enabled and click add.

Just Like the Example Below

Redirect Options For Merging Sites



 At this stage it’s basically Rinse and repeat until you have all your content moved from one site to the new one. Then I would start on the next one do the same process again. What I recommend the way to do this is to choose the site with the lowest amount of traffic and do this in stages so that the transition will be easy for you and your visitors.

I strongly you take your time doing this recommend that you take your time doing this because you want to limit the 404 errors in the process. You will not be frustrated when you miss something and above all else you have a low risk of losing rankings and any Page Rank  in the process. 

Now It’s kind of Ironic that I started doing this process a couple of weeks ago and someone posed this question to Matt Cutts so here is the video below so you can see his point of view in the process. 


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