Matt Cutts: Can I Post 100 Pages At Once To My Blog?

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I giggled when I saw this question show up. Ofcourse you can post 100 pages at once that’s not an issue with Google. As long as it’s high quality original content then they are fine with it. What he recommends is not to wait to publish your content in batches but to release it as you go. He does mention that they do notice when a new site all of a sudden has thousands or millions of pages listed in Google that someone will come take a look at it.
But isn’t this common sense? Like everything else including your Internet Marketing endeavors use that gray matter between your ears and you’d be fine. Ok that sounded a little sarcastic but it’s true
Well any.. You be the judge What the video and leave a comments.


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  • Scott True

    Reply Reply January 22, 2013

    Well said Mario. I know I’m a little late to your post but I just found it! I’ve been researching this because I keep having web developers tell me that I need to roll out my content over time. Why keep my content to myself? I can’t figure out why so many people are saying this when it’s not backed up by any reputable source.

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