Kindle Triangulation Review – Build Your Own Triad

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Is Kindle Triangulation Worth Your Time?

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James Jones is releasing Kindle Triangulation, Which is his updated course for book publishing on Amazon. But Let me back up for a second. I was reading abc news blog and this is a snippet of what I read

The number of U.S. adults who own a tablet device nearly doubled after the holiday season from 10 percent to 19 percent, according to the Pew Research Center.

Measured from mid-December to mid-January, the impressive increase in tablet ownership means that approximately 29 percent of American adults now own either an e-reader or tablet device — up from 18 percent in December.

Kindle Fire
Here is the video from Abc news

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I’ve also Read this article about Talks about how a third of Americans own Ereaders and tablets
This is a massive jump of users who have tablets, this is a great opportunity for us as marketers to get into a market that is in the infancy stages still, Here are few reasons you want to do this.

It gives you a new avenue of income and get this your an author not an affiliate. This is huge! So here is the big deal about this is that you get royalties instead of  affiliate commissions your the author.

Self Publishing is the way to go in 2012 and beyond, Anyone can do it. There are some guidelines that you want to follow when you are publishing in the Amazon platform

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    • Don’t upload plr – Why? Because Amazon is banning authors who don’t take the time to build a quality books, to be transparent most plr books are crap. Don’t get me wrong you can use some re purposed content if you build it the right way.
    • Write How to books – look at niches in amazon and write books that will help the users fulfill a problem or a need to that the need.
    • Write in the view of the reader – When you are publishing a book make sure that your putting the reader first and not the marketer
    • When you do your kindles or books, don’t put affiliate links in the book amazon book buyers hate that with a passion and you can get a ton of negative reviews.
    • Place a link to your site – What you can do is send them to your site, with more offers.

This is my goal this year is to build quality books in the Amazon Marketplace. I’ve been buying a ton of products about amazon publishing, nook publishing etc.  What I have found is that I’ve learned many different things from each one but I felt they all left something out.

So I decided to get James Jones Kindle Triangulation
or How I like to call it Build Your Own Triad

A Triad by explaining what I mean by building your own Triad. Triad onto itself means a group or set of three connected things or people. It can also mean a group of three associated entities or objects that work together.

For the last 3 months I’ve researching different ways to build my triad with amazon publishing. I’ve been purchasing any product I can get my hands on about kindles, book publishing etc. to have a better grasp of how I can take my triad and build a solid business model that will work together in sync.
As you know some of you already know I have promoted another kindle product that I have been intensely mastering but I needed more. Just like a triad a triangle has three sides to it and it’s been used for many years in the construction of all our buildings foundations to make them extremely strong.
So I finally found a product that is going to help me build my triad the way I want it and that’s
|| James Jones Kindle triangulation.
You can see the full review at my blog here.
James fills in the void that I have been searching for and that is filling up all three sides of my triad or how he calls it his triangle, each one supporting the other making it stronger than ever.
Let me quickly sum up what James Jones says the three sides to triangle are:
First Triad is Market Research 
If were like me when you first started your interest and saw some of these So called kindle products they talk about doing your market research using tools like the good old Google keyword tool this is the wrong way to do your market research if you are going into kindle publishing.  You have to get into the heads of of the Amazon buyer and using Google to figure that out is not going to work well for you.
Kindle Triangulation shoes you the right way to do this so you can get the correct signs that your in the right market for your kindle products even before you publish your book. I think that’s killer.

Second Part of your Triad Book & Game Creation

When I first started to add kindles and ebooks into the Amazon market place I added plr content. Which if you know me I’ve mentioned this before and it was a big mistake I almost lost my Amazon account because of this so I decided to pull all my books and start over.

I’ve learned that building quality content is best for these books, but it doesn’t mean you have to be full blown writer to write a good selling kindle either.
This second part of the triangle is a new strategy that James is teaching all of us including myself  on how to create quality ebooks but you’ll still be able to build books at decent speed.
Let me interject on my review of this product and say this..
This is a revenue stream that I am seriously persuing in 2012 and beyond because this is still a ground floor opportunity that can make us wealthy but me and you have to take advantage of this right now so we can reap the rewards and be on the ground floor when it takes off.
Back to book creation  James Jones Kindle Triangulation  has this trick up his sleeve that floored me when I read it
and it was game creation, I was like really holy cow! why didn’t I think of that I’m a hard core gamer I play all sorts of games. I did try once a long time ago but I was like this is to much for me and I’m very technical.  I’ll put this way he showed me a technique that well pretty much anyone can do and it’s easy to follow plus implement. ( I see dollar signs in my eyes)
Third and Final Part of Your Triad is Rankings

Well to put it in simple terms if you people don’t see the book who’s going to buy it? So have to get it noticed. You can write the best book in the universe and can be a best seller of all time, but if you people don’t know about it it’s not going to make a difference so ranking your books in the amazon platform is key.

One thing I’ve learned in reading many Amazon / kindle courses out there is that witout rankings your not going to make any money, that just happens to be true with your seo as well.
So James shows you 5 ciritical things you need to learn to get your books ranked on amazon
He also goes into detail on how to title your books so they are considered as the most relevant in the search results. A sneaky trick of where you can other keywords that just fit on your title.
This one is pretty cool and that’s how to use your own author field to give yourself that much needed edge.
I know this a rather long message for something that won’t even cost you as much as some venti latte’s in starbucks but He really over delivered on this.
Let me warn you there is an one time offer but it’s less than 20 bucks and I think he’s insane to offer it for as low as he’s charging for it.
I’ve been going through this course and he could of easily charged $97 And he will after Jan 31st. But right now it’s less than the cost of two venti latte’s at starbucks.
So go grab it now before it’s to late it’s really inexpensive right now and I want to save you money. You’ll thank me on this I promise

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Joining you in the Triad of Amazon Publishers


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    29% of U.S. adults owning an e reader or tablet – now that is amazing, and set to climb!

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