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The Biggest Crutch In Internet Marketing

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Internet Marketing PhylosophyI find myself in a philosophical state today all I can think is “Why does almost everyone that tries Internet Marketing fail?”. So I started to look back when I first started all the things I did that has has either helped me or held me back in getting my business off the ground.

One Key element that I found that is one of the most common issues with this industry is that you have way to much information flying around. Let’s take one of the most common places that a person lands when they begin their journey in Internet Marketing and that is the Warrior Forum this place is like quicksand. Don’t get me wrong if you are a product vendor this place is a goldmine to test your new product. As a person trying to make money on the Internet it can be one of the worst places to hang out in.

I know that is a extremely strong statement about the warrior forum but I’ll explain more in a bit. First let’s get back to the pitfalls that most Internet Marketers fall prey to. I’m going to take my own road as an example because it’s common in most of us.

When I first started looking into making money niche  in general it started a long time go back in the 90’s when the Internet was still an infant, but my direction was not toward online marketing but doing mlm stuff like Amway. Which worked out ok for awhile but the thing about mlm’s is the real money is when you have a team under you selling and bringing in more people under them. It wasn’t for me so I went back into the grind and decided to just put all that in the back burner so I worked on my career. My love hate relationship for selling was still in my blood so I try trading, that went great I still do it till this day but again I got bored. So I decided to go a completely different route all together and that was going into Technology, I became a techie and I loved it. I learned every aspect of networking, Hardware, coding etc this was way back in 1997 when people didn’t even know what an Mp3 was. I was having the time of my life, I was working for major corporations making some nice bank.

I continued to work in the IT field for many years, but in the back of my mind I still wanted the freedom of having my own business. It was burning desire that I had, so I decided to jump back into this head first.

I remember when I first started I didn’t even know what WordPress was let alone on how to build a simple html site. Granted I have technical experience but it just wasn’t where I wanted to be in my tech career. So I decided to learn as much as possible about everything that had to do with running an online business.  I spent countless hours and money studying everything under the sun. I tried PPV, PPC, CPA, and a bunch of other things it just didn’t seem to stick.

Then I found the warrior forums I thought it was  a god send, I was learning a bunch of stuff from this forum. But all the things I was learning felt like “work”. Make money by freelancing, please I’m working for someone else writing articles for them, it was just not my cup of tea. The sad part that I later learned is that this forum now has so much misinformation floating in it. It’s as bad as those so called “Guru” types that say make money with three clicks with my shiny new object. It’s really sad but the Warrior Forum has turned into greedy place. The New WSO’s for the most part are plain out crap, they have no real tangible info for users to sink their teeth into so most of the time people will be spending $7 bucks here $14 bucks there and the sad part is most of the people on the forum have never I mean EVER made a penny outside of this place.  Don’t get me wrong if you want to test a product you are creating and want to make some money while “beta” testing your product go right on over and make a WSO might as well all the smart ones that spend any time in this forum do this, just don’t get sucked in by buying everything that looks good in wso section because your not a sucker if you reading my blog right? 🙂

The other issue I have is that if the product reviews, If you put an honest review of a product that was released that you have seen the insides looked through it, if you make a real negative review it gets deleted. I was stunned when this happened to me because I was being real about the review, I saw this product Click Cash Go that was one of the worst pieces of shit (excuse my language) I’ve ever seen come out in the Internet Marketing space. I saw the insides and the way they were telling to build you site was one of the worst pieces of advice you can give someone ever, the so called software is a content management system that frankly is crap, crashes all the time plus the support desk was totally useless. hint: Just use wordpress.

I digress needless to say my review which wasn’t like what I wrote in the last paragraph but it was promptly deleted from the review thread, So I posted a nicer one it was deleted as well. So it looks like the “owners” of Warrior forums don’t really want real reviews from people who actually try the product. It’s ok to list what it does but giving real reviews don’t expect to get them from this forum. That really turned me off about the Warrior Forums, what made matters worse any post I made that was just helping people with technical issues, or simple seo advice was promptly deleted as well. I call Shenanigans! I emailed the admin I received no response. So I said screw them I know enough people know that even if I wanted to release my own product I would not even need them to test it out.


So this is what I am going to do I will post any WSO that I feel is worthy your money and Time in this blog. Not All WSO’s are equal so please don’t think that every Warrior Special Offer is the same it’s not some are worth buying just need to sift out the crap first.


Till Next time Here to bring you some sanity in with some decent Internet Marketing Strategies

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  • 30daydietinfo

    Reply Reply November 16, 2011

    ok Mario, just bought that shiny new WSO and only because you recommended it ok? I am trusting your review. talk soon.

  • 30daydietinfo

    Reply Reply November 16, 2011

    I would be interested in chatting with you Mario. I knew you would have to be in Network Marketing as it is the way to go and not because Robert Kiyosaki suggested it to the masses. I got into my latest business because I was working 12-14 hrs a day with my other niches, I was tired, had no energy, I gained 90 lbs and started to have so many issues with my health. Then I lost my Mother to heart failure due to her weight. It was an eye opener as I was going to be a grandmother at the time. I pulled up my sleeves and did some research and then found a man totally by accident at a business breakfast meeting. He turned my life around (literally) as I have now lost 60 lbs, have energy to burn, feel and look younger. I have since found out that this company was featured in Popular Science and they are on the cutting edge of youthful aging. Now that intrigued me too.

    Mario you have helped me a lot over the last 2 years I would like to mail you the magazine to give you an insight of the possibilities. This is a business that has seen massive growth due to the obesity reaching epidemic proportions. Check out this youtube video

    Here is a little exercise for you: For the next three days start looking at people in restaurants, Wal Mart, grocery stores, fast food outlets, at the gas station, check out the stats for gastric bypass or the sleeve surgery. You could be a part of the solution for these people and it does not cost a lot to get into this business. Worth looking at?

  • goalnant

    Reply Reply November 16, 2011

    Mario –

    I've been dablling for almost three years and full time since April -first with Google Conquest and with Brian J since (and Aidan B. recently).

    I have yet to look at the Warrior forum and consistently delete most distractions involving the shiny objects that come to my inbox. I have all I can do to keep up with the 'meat and potatoes' activities revolving around KW research, launching, adding content, linking, etc, etc.

    Who has time for distractions? Time is the most precious commodity we have. I try not to squander it during the time I set aside for work.

    I surmise, from what I've learned through others' comments, like yours, that the WF is the equivalent of the National Enquirer of the (news?) media. If one cannot resist taking a peek, one needs to take what is seen and heard there with a grain of salt.

    The news media (in print and broadcast) is something I sometimes eliminate from my schedule when I am especially busy. I figure if the space shuttle crashes or a princess is killed in a car wreck -I will, no doubt, hear about it -even if on a remote island of the Caribbean. Same with WF. If a snazzy product emerges that I should know about, I'll hear about it soon enough -from someone like you or Brian J. 'Til then, I think I will survive without it.

    I guess, most notably, I am not what they call an 'early adopter.' Some people just Have To Have the latest, greatest as soon as it hits the market. It's not me and is perhaps why I don't go to the WF.

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.


    Dave C

  • GailG

    Reply Reply November 16, 2011


    Your thoughts and actions have provided me with valuable information in 2011. I find that I have a love/hate relationship with WF. There is good and bad info, yet it can also be a time sucker.

    Knowing you will direct your reviews from here is a excellent time saver. I trust your opinions as a ethical IM marketer.

    Continue the good work,


  • MarioSotoJr

    Reply Reply November 16, 2011

    @pplezama Np Jose, Depending on your email you can create filters for your emails. I have mine setup a certain way that when it hits my email it goes to a virutal folder instead of my inbox so I don’t get flooded with offers. It’s good to have the pulse of the market but sometime it gets insane 🙂

    Another thing you could do is create a separate email just for optins so you don’t have to see them unless you want to.

  • MarioSotoJr

    Reply Reply November 15, 2011

    @30daydietinfo I have family members that do network marketing, I do as well to a degree but I'm integrating what I have learned with Internet Marketing into it. It's just another avenue of income. I like diversifying myself as much as possible. But I use every tool I have in my disposal. 🙂

  • 30daydietinfo

    Reply Reply November 15, 2011

    This post had to be written by someone and I agree. I bought one of the shiny new WSO's and realized after it was set up what I had paid for. I am not a newbie, I have owned an online company that I formed in 1998 but I am always looking for something that automates my tasks, or something that will help me in my new business which is Network Marketing. Internet Marketing was becoming a world of people bragging about how much they have made blogging, amazon sites, affiliate marketing. I did buy the Halloween one last year as a hobby and it did well, this year I have not touched it and still made money. BUT, I am burning my mortgage papers yet. I decided to get into network marketing as I read Robert Kiyosaki's book, business of the 21st Century. If Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and many others are getting into this industry why wouldn't we? They are millionaires, but see a profitable niche and now I am heading down that highway in the new vehicle called NM.

    I might have to block the WSO's as they come in every day. Back in the day I had to visit the forum to see all the hype and now it is being delivered every day and the quality of what I have bought lately has been questionable. Seriously if you had a program that could make $1,000's a day/week would you sell it for $17.00? Having said that I have met some incredible talented people there, but they are on my special list as they have done phenomenal work for me.

    Thanks for posting this Mario, this needed to be written

  • pplezama

    Reply Reply November 15, 2011

    I got into WSO by a BJ recommendation. Now I regret it, because they only want to sell me something every single day or even twice daily. I hate that, my mail is overflowing. Even though some of the stuff is good, but by no means I can digest a new tool every day, not even to read what is about it.

    To me it is a huge IM upsale for newbies. An I got caught in some. And believe me some are very dishonest.

    Mario, I will appreciate very much your experienced filtering of all those tools, and must of all, an honest review that I am certain that coming from you it sure will be.

    Jose Lezama


  • leanne777a

    Reply Reply November 15, 2011

    Great blog post, Mario. Thanks for sharing.

    I agree with many of your points about the warrior forum and also about why people don't succeed at IM.

    I look forward to your next post 🙂


  • JayDohX

    Reply Reply November 15, 2011

    Straight talking as ever Mario! As a relative newbie to the game, I hate the idea of these guys conning and scamming money out of people by selling false hope. Its no wonder a lot of folks give up if they get burned a few times. Keep telling it how it is mate!

  • MarioSotoJr

    Reply Reply November 15, 2011

    Thanks 🙂

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