Internet Marketers Crappy Support To Clients

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This post of the past experience that I’ve had lately to see what kind of support they have for their client. I really don’t care if I burn bridges right now because this need to be said.

First when you are considering promoting a product do a support ticket and ask them a question of the product. Most times you will not even get a response. This worries me because if they can’t answer your simple question about the product they are selling then I might move on. Their are exceptions to this rule but most won’t even answer your support ticket with a simple email with resources.

Granted you can get the resources most of time by just going to the footer and they usually have affiliate information.  If they are on clickbank I wouldn’t worry about this to much because if they are selling crap you can just get a refund easily without hassle.

Now let say they are running there own payment process Pay through paypal if you can. Because recently I purchased a product that seemed pretty good but I neither had the time because of the work I have been doing with private members in a coaching program and  my own niche sites. So I sent in a support ticket and I got no answer reply from the person at all. I waited another week added another support ticket this time I opened a ticket with paypal. Guess what I got  a response and a denial for the refund. I was like wow ok this guy knows that I’m within his 30 day refund policy but yet he denied my refund. His message basically said that I’m impatient and he was kind of  rude I was being professional and explain to him that I needed to get his attention because I was not getting a response.

So now it’s past the 30 day mark but I have 45 days to push this into a paypal gods to get my money back. So last week I sent him one more support ticket explaining that this is a business I am just following your guidelines for a refund request and you have not given any type of response except that I’m impatient response in paypal. Nice huh

So he has until tomorrow to return my money that he’s holding hostage when I’ve tried several times for the request to regular channels and I’ll leave to paypal to get my refund and since I have an open resolution ticket open between me and the product owner I will get my refund he likes it or not.

So the morale of this story is to make sure that you cover your bases when you are purchasing a product. If it’s through clickbank then you don’t have to worry about it to much. If it’s through another payment form I would try to use paypal or a credit card where you can dispute the charge when you have people that treat their clients like this with no support communication.

End rant

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