Importance of Taking Your Internet Marketing To A New Level

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Today I’m going to talk to you about my thoughts and experiences in Internet Marketing.

Do you really want to you take your Internet business seriously? Running an Internet business is not difficult at all but running a successful Internet business can be a little more difficult. If hundreds upon thousands of people have an online business,  and most don’t  allow themselves to have any success with it. How Can you be successful? Be persistent in what you do, don’t try to be perfect just go for it.

Before you can run any business including an Internet business you do need the necessary know-how and knowledge to run it successfully. When you first starting in Internet marketing what I suggest is to start with something that you’re familiar with if you’re an IT tech person maybe should get into the technology side of the niche market.  Or maybe you’re into games then you should get into the gaming niche, just find something you like and start with that don’t give up.

By starting in a niche that you understand and enjoy everything will be easier for you, including any technical hurdles or questions that people may ask, you can answer them quickly. Of course you have to do your homework before you jump into any niche.  You need to do the proper keywords research and implement those keywords to your business and above all else you need to stay focus on the prize. You have to two options when first starting out, either you make a bunch of mini sites or create a bigger authority site;  I recommend doing both.

One major thing I do recommend is that you become very organized in everything you do.  Have all your Niche Sites in an excel sheet and document your work in your spreadsheet. If you are targeting a specific keyword it’s good to document your rankings every week and see how you can increase your rankings in that particular keyword. One essential tool that you should be using is a Firefox Add-on Called Rank Checker, you can download it here at Rank Checker. It’s free and it’s very easy to use click here to get Rank Checker.  With this tool you can track your rankings on your site and know where you stand each week and find where your weakness or strengths are at a glance. This way you create a plan of attack to work on your weak points, you need schedule yourself for this.  Write some articles and post them in Ezine articles or Go Articles. You can also do some keywordluv or commentluv comment link building.  Just do a search for your keyword plus “commentluv” or “kewordluv” you’ll find a bunch of  do follow blog sites you can comment on for free backlinks. In the next Article I’ll talk more on how to get even more backlinks to your site. In the next article I’ll talk more on where you can even more backlinks.

In the meantime if you are really serious about Internet marketing and Dominating the First Page of google you should go watch this video Click here to watch the video.

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  • Aidan

    Reply Reply July 22, 2010

    Hey Mario, great article! I think that when people start out its definitely beneficial to start in a niche that is of interest to them. When I got started I tried my hand in a lot of different niches but when I started working persistently on a long term project in a niche that I enjoyed, I started to see some real results. I look forward to reading updates on this blog.


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