How To Setup Featured Content Gallery Into FlexSqueeze

How To Setup Featured Content Gallery Into FlexSqueeze

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I did not find a tutorial on how to add your Featured Content Gallery to Flexsqueeze Theme using WordPress. SO I decided to Make a video on how to add it to Flexsqueeze.

Note: When I made This video it was for version 1.2 but it should be the same steps for older versions and It I upgraded my theme on this site to version 1.3 so I know it works for it as well

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You can also Get your Plugin going to the Featured Content Gallery They also have a great tutorial you can watch to maximize the use of this great plugin

For More information on This Awesome theme Flexsqueeze you Can click Here for more information.

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  • Erika

    Reply Reply January 21, 2011

    Hey great tutorial. I'm running 1.4 and other than a little spacing issues and making sure I had an image for the featured post, it worked a treat. I used it just for the main page. Thanks again.

    PS: It's for another site I'm working on, not the one linked here.

    Be well!!

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