How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website – Seo Tips For WordPress Users

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Simple Seo Tips you can use to increase your traffic to your wordpress blog

How To Increase Traffic To Your WebsiteWordPress is a great platform to build your business on, but there are still things that you need to do to help you with your sites ranking using search engine optimization. Here are a few things that would help you get your site better optimized so you can get quality traffic coming your way.

In this article I won’t be able to show everything about search engine optimization but I can give you six things that you can do on your blog to give a better chance on how to increase your traffic to your website so you can show up in the search engines.

Having the Proper Plug-ins installed helps increase your traffic

The first thing you need to do is to have the proper plug-ins installed on your WordPress site. The very first plug-in that you must have is a plugin to handle your on page seo Meta information.  I use this plugin I use a lot and it should be one of the first plugins you install on your site that is All-in-one SEO Pack.

Basically what All in One Seo does is that it optimizes your site for the search engines so it can see your title and your description properly when they show up in search engines results it also the first indication to the search engines of what your content is about this does help over time to increase your traffic to your website so please don’t over look having an seo plugin installed on all your sites

The next plug-in that you need to have is called the XML site map plug-in. Basically what this plug-in does is that it creates a virtual map where the search engines can come to crawl your site and find all your pages and/or posts. In essence this will make it easier for the search engine bots to find all your content on your site.

This  simple tactic that you should always have in your arsenal when you are starting a new site is to find other blogs in your niche and comment on them so you can get some residual traffic from those other blogs,  Just by doing the Google blog search you can find a lot of blogs within your niche.

Another cool thing that can be accomplished by doing this is that you can eventually get to know the webmaster and you can ask for a link back to your site. Brian Johnson talks about this Blog Roll method constantly and it’s a great method to have in your arsenal all the time. Granted this does take time and work but it works like gangbusters. Plus this simple but powerful tactic can make your own site look more trustworthy to the search engines which can help you rank very well for more competitive keywords in your niche.


Don’t Skip This Step You can Lose Out on Traffic To Your Website

One thing that I have noticed is that most fail to do is to continue to do their keyword research when they are writing new articles it’s a good idea to have a pulse on what’s working during the time you are writing your content. I highly recommend that you use Google trends to keep you with trending keywords in your niche so you can have fresh content on your site, if for any odd reason there is no trending topics at the time you are adding content to your site, fire up Google’s keyword tool and just do a search for some topics in general for the content you want to write on make sure that when you do this take your time and choose at least 5 to 10 keywords you can use in the future make sure that they have some decent traffic to it.

If you are building a larger site with a lot of content it’s ok to go after keywords that have less traffic but make sure it’s highly targeted traffic.  So for example if you see a keyword that has an exact match of 1000 searches a month and it’s one post this might be a good idea to just write a post on the topic leveraging that keyword. I know there are different forms of thinking but for a site that you are posting a lot of posts over a period of months imaging that you do 50 of these posts and the average keyword has the potential of bringing in at bare minimum 500 visitors a month. You gain top rankings on only 30 of the 50 keywords that are potential traffic 15,000 visitors so these lower traffic keywords can be beneficial if you use theme as your content for your authority type sites.

Increase Traffic By Content Syndication


Increase traffic to your blog by content syndication

This is one method I use a lot and that is when you actually syndicate your blog posts. I know what you are already thinking, but Mario isn’t this duplicate content? If you just copy and paste your content it is, but it’s the way that you do it which makes it all the difference.
Usually see when people hears the word syndicate they think they are just copying and pasting the same original article, post someplace else is and that’s all they do. With that thinking is where people get into trouble, when people post the same content over and over all over the internet it becomes duplicate content and it becomes quickly discounted by the search engines this is just a total waste of time doing it this way.

What you need to do is re-write the content a bit; I recommend you use a spinning program like the best spinner which in my humble opinion is truly fits the name.  The reason I recommend using a spinner is because you can spin the content by phrases and sentences not just words this makes the content unique and readable to the visitors that happen to find your spun article on the web.plicate content and it becomes quickly discounted by the search engines this is just a total waste of time doing it this way.

After you are done re-writing your content I would suggest that you syndicate your content using various web 2.0 properties like blogger, plus also use article directories to submit some of the re-written content back to your site. I know this is old school and people say it’s not as powerful as it used to be. But you will be surprised in the kind of traffic you can get directly from article directories and web 2.0 properties even today.  See if you just use these few simple tactics you can see traffic coming to your site rather quickly and it’s well worth to just stick to some simple tactics at first then you can go after more traffic sources.

The biggest mistake most marketers do is try to get links from every source known to man as long as you have some variance in your link building you’ll do ok in the long run you just need a kick start and this is exactly what this article is all about just giving you a kick in the right direction so you can increase traffic to your website.

Using Analytics To Increase Your Traffic

Increase traffic to your blog

One other thing that I do recommend that you do for your site is to have analytics installed on your site so you can monitor where your traffic is coming from and leverage the incoming keywords that your visitors are finding your site so you can add more content to fit your visitor’s needs.

There are two analytic companies I use one is Google Analytics and the other is called Get Clicky. The reason I use both is because get clicky gives me incoming data faster than Google Analytics. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Google analytics you can use that one alone if you wish. I’m just the type of person that likes to get data from different sources so I can adapt my site quicker which basically increases my traffic to my sites a lot quicker.

I want to expand on the analytics for a minute so you can understand better of what I mean about adapting to my visitor’s needs. Let me talk about Get Clicky it’s free, but I recommended you get the upgraded version because it gives you a lot more stats and a lot more keywords, plus it gives you a lot more incoming data of what you’re visitors are looking at on your site. This includes spying on your visitors. I know this sounds weird but it’s actually a good thing because you can see what your visitors want and give it to them.

Note: I do install both analytic tools on my site, because I find over time that Google Analytics also gives me great data that I can use to my advantage to make my site a better experience for my visitors.

These are things that I do when I first start a site and also when I am continually building new articles for that particular site I want to increase traffic to.

Writing For Your Visitors can it help gain traffic from the search engines?

how to increase traffic that Google Will loveI also wanted to mention something that is important you don’t always have to go after a keyword to write content. I have personally found that if you are passionate about the subject at hand you can just write naturally for your niche you can still rank for long tail keywords you never even thought of. Over time this is something that Google will love and eat up because you are mixing content that is not just driven by keywords but also your personal take. If you want to stay one step ahead and never about getting slapped by Google this style of writing should be included with other highly keyword driven content.


Using One Premium Plugin Can Push Button Seo give you the Edge over your competitors?

These are some of tips I have given you to help you increase your traffic to your website. I also use a paid plugin that helps me a lot of with my on page seo, which is very important this day and age to get right and its called push button seo. It’s a great plugin that Brian created using his vast experience with search engine optimization.

Push Button Seo is one of my must have plugins in my arsenal and it should yours as well you can watch a demo of it at my push button seo page.


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