How Hard is it to find a Niche?

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So Today I basically took the day off  from my Niche Marketing and went out for the day with my wife and her sister. During this time we were running around the city doing stuff and All the time I was listening to them talk. We met up with some friends and headed to Camp David. That’s the view from the Restaurant it’s basically on top of a mountain looking over Santiago, Dominican Republic. I know what does this have to do with Niche Marketing ?

Dominican Republic

Took this with my phone

Well Everything!

During this time they started talking about products that we can use around the house to make things more comfortable. My Niche Marketing mind starting working again and I started to just sit and listen to everything that they were talking about and guess what I picked up 15 niche ideas that I would of never would of thought of.

The moral to this small little story it is. No Matter where you are in the world, you can always pick up on a niche idea to look into and build a site around of.
Keep your ears open and listen to people around you. You can never know when you can get a potentially profitable niche you can implement into your business.

Quick Advice when looking for a niche look at everything around you. Everything in your house is a niche. If you are still stuck ask your family what they like to do for fun, What they are looking to buy for their home, office, personal use. For the pets, Kids, parents grandparents there is always a niche staring at you in the face and you didn’t even know it.

Hope this get your brain pumping for new ideas to build a niche into and best of luck to all.


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