Make Social Media Work For you

How can social media sites work for you?

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Make Social Media Work For You 

Make Social Media Work For you

Social media sites have become an increasingly popular venue for increasing existing customer bases and maximizing revenue. A huge advantage of these sites is that most of them are free just like my other favorite free method which is Search Engine Optimization , and most of them are popular already among many people as a way to keep in touch with their friends and socialize online. By using existing social media sites, you have the potential to reach a tremendous amount of people from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds with little or no cost to you.

These days, it seems like just about everyone is on Facebook! Facebook can be an excellent use of social media to promote your business. It is free, and can be a convenient way for you to announce promotions, special sales, and new products. Research shows that unbiased opinions from people who have nothing to gain by promoting a product, i.e., feedback from your customers, can be an effective way to attract new customers and persuade existing customers to buy your products. So Facebook could potentially be a good way to increase your revenue. If you keep your customers happy, they are likely to post complementary things on your Facebook wall and may perhaps encourage others to buy your products. Twitter is another form of social media that you may want to consider. Like Facebook, it is free, and can be an excellent way to promote your sales and other special events.

Leverage Your Sites Or Blogs

 Make sure that you include your social media links on your website; many businesses have a ‘follow us on Twitter!’ link or ‘follow us on Facebook!’ link on their site. If you do not tell your customers about your Twitter account or your Facebook page, after all, they are unlikely to know about it! Make sure that you make it very easy for anyone looking at your website to follow you.

Leverage Your List

 One popular way to increase the amount of people who follow you is to invite the customers that you already have to follow you on the social media sites that you use. Email your existing customers and tell them about your sites; give them the links to follow you. Make it as easy as possible for people to go to your social media sites.

Can You Say Do A Promo?

 Every so often, consider offering a coupon or a special deal only on your Facebook page, or only on your Twitter account. You can also announce contests on your pages regarding your products. Make sure your followers see the advantages of checking your sites regularly; giving them a monetary incentive like this can be one way of guaranteeing regular viewers! And this will also increase the likelihood that your regular followers will tell their friends about your sites, which will likely mean an increase in followers!

Being Active is important! 

 Make sure that you regularly update your Facebook site or Twitter feed; your customers will quickly stop following you if you rarely or infrequently post new material. Many companies have created a blog to showcase new products or report how a customer has used their services with positive results. This can be an excellent way of advertising your products; getting stories from satisfied customers is a particularly effective means of promoting your products.

The use of social media has really taken off as a means of generating new clientele, keeping your existing clientele loyal and interested in your products, and increasing your company revenue. It is important to stay current with technology, and harnessing these sites can be a fantastic – and free way of promoting your products. There is simply no reason NOT to take advantage of social media as a means of advertising.

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