Google Maps For 8-Bit NES April Fools 2012 Nice one!

Google Maps For 8-Bit NES April Fools 2012 Nice one!

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I have not done a cool stuff post in awhile Google just gave me the opportunity to add one thanks Big G!

This Reminded me so much how I used to love my NES system it made my night thanks Google that was better than last years.

Here is the video below to check out the Google Maps for NES 

Don’t for get to check out the 8-Bit Google Maps Love it!

You’ll see this It’s very cool Nintendo style map in Google Maps



Self Driving Car By Google ( sounds fishy to me)

This one is true the race car is fake. It  Would be Cool if this project is real but it’s so close to April Fools I’m hard pressed to Believe Them Jokers. If it wasn’t Fake! But Then  I picture…


The Terminator.. 

The terminator, Terminator 3

The terminator, Terminator 3—twm1340 (


 Found another One Google Tap! April Fools Again!!

You are not fooling anyone with this one but still funny. Tap on your phone and never look might as well of say that it was connecting to your brain through vibrating pathways haha. Love this day!

 Try it Go Download the Google Android Tap App See what it tells you 🙂


You can Tap it in the Morning, You can Tap it in the bathroom, You Can Tap in the Movie Theater  Priceless 

Want Some Fiber? Get Some From Google Fiber!

The Google Fiber Project is real but not the bar! lol

Happy April Fools Everyone!


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