Did Godaddy Kill Puppets by Gwen Sites Serps?

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I’ve seen a few posts about The GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial Ad that Gwen quit on live TV. Which was real (kinda cool)
But They killed her Rankings aka Serps….

Ok here is my take on the part of Killing her Serps… Short answer who gives a crap.
Wanna know why?  Long answer below (keep reading)

  •  She got free advertising to about 100 million people! 

Below is her Superbowl Commercial notice the big bold website on the video (This the Site http://www.puppetsbygwen.com) 

  • The Amount of Free Pr Coming here way will give her direct traffic for months which is a massive boost in traffic directly to her site. The best PR is the one that gets massively syndicated and guess what this has all the right signals.
  •  More Free publicity She’s showing up on the TODAY Show. Another Boost of exposure to people that didn’t see the ad or watched the game.
  • People are generally curious like I did I went and searched for her and lo and behold with just a little effort I found here site even if it’s not ranking for her domain name.

Which is http://www.puppetsbygwen.com

So let’s sum it up Massive TV promo, Tons of Free Press releases, In the News stream (very hard to do usually). Getting Even Media exposure (TV interviews) and she gets to do what she loves?

So you tell me getting her serps killed is worth the Massive Amount of exposure and traffic she is getting?

I think you know the answer to this one.
Lesson here is simple think outside the box don’t always worry about rankings you can get massive traffic without rankings from various sources.

One last thing for those SEO guys in the old way of thinking this is a way to get your site tons of traffic without rankings and you can do this on a smaller scale if you apply yourselves and forget about link building but instead work on getting traffic authoritative links.

Please Leave A Comment Below I would love to here your thoughts.

P.S. Her site is on the videos

P.P.S. Gwen you are awesome

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  • Jose Lezama

    Reply Reply February 8, 2014

    Hi Mario,
    Is Gwen awsome or suicidal?
    How can a Mom businees type respond to such a massive advertising?
    Just answering mail wil take her day completely, and phone calls all put on hold?
    GoDaddy made his message through at the expense of killing Gwen ( an the $ 4 million for the ad)

    Have you heard IMSI’s bankrupcy story for selling too much?

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