Gamification By Gabe Zichermann Google Tech Talk

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Gamification what the hell is this? From Gabe Zichermann’s words it’s the process of using game thinking and Mechanics to engage audiences and solve their problems.


Gabe Zichermann if you did not know is an author of Game-Based Marketing Which is about using game based marketing to increase your customer loyalty, by giving them rewards and such. One game company that does this often is Blizzard Entertainment with there gamer World of Warcraft. In the game you get items with event all year round that keep customers happy and increase the loyalty to the game. WoW’s Retention is ridiculous the people that play this game have accounts active for years at $14.95 a month with and  base of over 11+ million subscribers. I think that this model can work, (you think? lol)


Seriously you don’t have to be in gaming to understand about keeping your subscribers loyal by giving them stuff for free, Internet Marketers do it all the time to keep their list happy and loyal to them so they will eventually buy stuff from them.
I can go on and on about this but Seriously watch the video and leave a comment about this below

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