Frank Kern – Bad Advice

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Frank Kern is Actually giving really good advice.

Ok First off He curses So if you can’t handle it don’t watch it. But if you don’t care like I don’t since I’m from New york Frank Kern is giving some seriously good advice. “If you fail your F**kd* I love how he puts it. Straight to the point no bull it’s just straight awesome.

He talks about two commandments thou shalt not F around šŸ™‚ Put yourself in a position where you absolutely have to succeed.

Put yourself in the position where you have to be successful. Then You will Succeed. Stop messing around, spinning your wheels in life and actually do something. The reason I love this video because this is what I used to do most of my life screw around spin my wheels and just do nothing to make my life better so it ended up to having a rough life and have catastrophic failure in everything I did. That has changed.


Update: Unfortunately the video is not available but I replaced it with this one which is a great video as well.

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