Core Influence By Frank Kernk

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In This Video Presentation the man the legend Frank Kern shares his thoughts and wisdom on how to have the ideal lifestyle the way Frank Kern has. This presentation was from the “Core Influence” Presentation back in 2009 and it’s a video I watch often you should to.

He Speaks about the question everyone should think about who do you hang out with? Who do you surround yourself with. I have found myself surrounding myself with successful people. The way you are perceived it important if you are perceived as one of those successful people you are surrounded by guess what it sticks.

This is my favorite part of the video where he poses a question to the audience. What do you envision your perfect would be like without practical limitations and consequences? A day where these limitations would not include money, health, geography.

So what would your perfect average day look like?
My Perfect day is wake up have a long breakfast with my wife, then take my wife and child to the park where my daughter can ride the kid rides like the kids train. Then see the zoo animals. Of course I would do this anyway, but it would be during the week when everyone else is at “work”. 

There is a lot more that I would have to answer from this video but that is the most important day would be family time. So my utmost importance would be freedom to spend as much time with my family and  have a business that allows me to do this any time. 

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