Brian G.Johnson – Adsense Tips, Google Deindexing Sites

Brian G.Johnson – Adsense Tips, Google Deindexing Sites

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You know stuff like this really gets under my skin. You have a guy here that really truly cares about the people he teaches and being open with his methods and sites. So instead of rewarding him no they slap em. WoW  Nice Job Google.

Here is the Video below but I wanted to mention that Google adsense is not the only kid in the block. they might they bigger ones but you can easily make money with other companies. For example   Chitka is a good one.

This is really good information and heads up to anyone doing adsense  becareful who you share your sites with. Which kinda sucks because how can you lead by example if you can’t even show and example.

Ok End of my Rant.

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  • Zafar

    Reply Reply June 21, 2011

    When Halloween Super Affiliate for 2011 begin ? Does anybody have any idea. Why the warrior forum thread of Brian Johnson is silent ?

    • Mario

      Reply Reply June 22, 2011

      I was just talking about this with Brian, Don't quote me on it but it looks like it might be open for a limited time to new users towards mid summer maybe august.

      As for the Warrior Forum Zafar I couldn't tell you I spend very little time in the Warrior forum.

  • ryandeiss

    Reply Reply May 29, 2011

    Excellent work and right to the point. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Tad Holford

    Reply Reply May 21, 2011

    Somtimes I get really disappointed with Google – it really makes me angry! Do you have any advice on how to deal with such a situation? Oh, and it would also be nice to know if he managed to get back to the top.

    • Mario

      Reply Reply June 22, 2011

      Yeah Brian got it all sorted out now, Google is going to be Google.

      This happened really because he made his sites very public during a high profile launch. It's marking a bullseye for them to shoot arrows at you.

      It happens just roll with the punches and move forward like Brian likes to say.

  • Maximizing Success

    Reply Reply January 7, 2011

    The more advice on Adsense the better! Thanks for your excellent article!

  • Mario

    Reply Reply July 21, 2010

    He'll be fine I'm sure of it 🙂

  • It is a shame that they have decided to punish one of the good guys. If you ask me, they simply are looking for a way to make him pay for all of the traffic he gets. We both know that that is not going to happen and that he will figure out a way to get back on top. I just hope he can turn it around before Halloween passes!

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