Brian G Johnson- Internet Marketing Tips For Newbies

Brian G Johnson- Internet Marketing Tips For Newbies

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I’m posting this video below from a good friend of mine:

 Brian Johnson  gives solid advice for anyone that is new to Internet Marketing these are great tips.

Here is a rundown how to get started:

Internet Marketing Tips For NewbiesInformation Overload is a factor in our industry it’s human nature to gain as much information as possible on a subject but this can have some pitfalls when you do this because you have no one set direction where you are going with your business.

The first important step with your internet marketing is to find out which method you want to persue before you move forward. Myself personally I started with SEO and it’s become my focal point of my business. Just like Brian on my other strongest aspects is video marketing I love them videos.

But you have to choose for yourself pick the path that is best for you and stick with it. Find successful marketers in the field that can help you become the marketer you want to become and follow them.

Which method  is best for you? All I can say is this is your choice if it was up to me I’ll tell you to stick with SEO since it’s free traffic and the overhead is extremely low this would be the better model but again you ultimatly have to make the choice.

Best advice I can give you when you do choose stick to that model until you have mastered it before you move on to anything else so you won’t get what is called information overload which can be very detrimental with your business.

Also when you invest on a course please I beg of you please follow through the entire course before you jump on to anything else. Later on when you are more of an experienced marketer you can venture out to different business models but not until then. Take full control of your internet marketing destiny and you’ll be a happier business person for this I can guarantee you that.

If you decide to go this route I recommend that come hang out with me, Brian and a bunch of other really knowledgeable users in our Marketing easy street community. It’s free to everyone and we are there to happily answer any question you have when it comes to seo, video, marketing and even social signals.

I also want to recommend a great tool that I have been using since last year and will help you a ton with your seo efforts and this is Push button Seo plugin suite. I’m giving it my highest recommendation on a tool you can use on all your sites which I use myself on a daily basis.

Simple steps to shorten your path to success with Internet Marketing Tips for Newbies that has helped me and he covers it a bit in this video.

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