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Bloopio – New Buzz On A Very Powerful and Revolutionary Software

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Bloopio (Daily Deal Builder) A New Software That Will Revolutionize

The Way You Build Your E commerce Sites.

I usually don’t review something like this on my personal site but this software is amazing in what it does. I’m not blowing hot smoke up your bum I am promoting this as an affiliate only because I believe in the service and products released by HC Consulting Group LLC. They are always above expectations and you get way more than you pay for. So that being said here is my review.

This is definitely a revolutionary software that was created by two hippie types. They have been testing this for awhile now and know it works. Watch the video below so you can see what this is all about. Then read my Bloopio Review Below.


Bloopio Review (Daily Deal Builder) : The Reasons Why Owning A Bloopio Driven Site Is A Great Idea:

Bloopio is a Complete turnkey solution that includes FREE list building training, FREE traffic-driving training, and complete step-by-step instructions for creating sites that pays you on autopilot.

Take full advantage of the hottest trends coming around which are the most profitable. It’s real easy to set up your own “One Sale At A Time Site With Bloopio on your very own domain name

Bascially you will cash in on multiple streams of income instantly. Bloopio can be hosted with them or you can use your own hosting you have a choice.

Since Bloopio sites are “Set and Forget it” sites you can simply setup your campaigns all in advance and let the site do all the work for you, So you will sell your products 24 hours a day 7 days a week all on autopilot

All Bloopio driven websites have a built in Urgency & Scarcity tacticts that will bring in hungry, rabid and impulse buyers to your website. One the oldest marketing strategies around “Urgency and Scarcity” and Bloopio gives you REAL scarcity and urgency that you will use.

Bloopio’s Email Marketing is completly built in opt in forms in the header so you will always be building a list. It’s what I like to call it List building on Steroids. On top of that they teach you on how to fully optimize profits from your list. List building training is included.

HC Consulting Group has a World Class Support and Training that people pay thousands for. With Bloopio’s Commitment to your succes is 110% with private phone consultations, screen flow demonstrations, email supports and Complete Training Materials that outline everything you need to succed with your Bloopio powered websites.

World Class Training and Support when you need help Our commitment to your success is 110% with private phone consultations, screen flow demos, email support… and comprehensive training materials that outline everything you need to succeed with your Bloopio powered website.

You build a site with the look and feel that you control and own, Bloopio allows you to choose the themes, colors, and graphics. It’s easy to customize and create a site you’ll be proud of.

A site that enthusiasts are thrilled to tell their friends about. The administrator controls were built for the non technical person in mind, which means you won’t get lost trying to use this software and you don’t need a IT Degree to build a site that’s a definite plus.

Bloopio Easy Ad Placement Tool allows you to profit from multiple advertising revenue streams including Google Adsense, affiliate products and your own products. The ads are targeted automatically and are based whatever you are currently selling. This requires no technical skill on your part to make all this happen.

There are so many ways you can use Bloopio here are a few examples: Get rid of excess inventory, sell and manage affiliate products, or even help stores get rid of excess inventory.Bloopio makes it easy to run product offers using the calendar and times so that you are never missing out an a sale opportunity, You have full control on how long the sale runs and ends

Bloopio’s has an easy to use video & picture uploader, you have the ability to market all of your already existing markets using these tools, or you can create new media to add in seconds.

Here is one final video showing the Inside of Bloopio

Bloopio : How you go to setup a product, any type offer or service with your Bloopio Website

Update: Bloopio is now daily deal builder and it’s better than ever! Checkout Daily Deal Builder here!


  • Devid Parker

    Reply Reply August 5, 2011

    Hi ..

    Please provide me a link for downloading bloopio software.

    • Mario

      Reply Reply September 11, 2011

      The Authors decided to make it only invite only
      But you can see if they let you get it.

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