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Best Web Hosting: Choose Poorly It Can Hurt Your Rankings and Bottom Line

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Do you Wait For Hosting Subscription To Finish?

Or Just Jump Ship For A Better Hosting Company?

So Last night I was looking at my stats for affiliate sales on various niches and I found out something that really pissed me off to no end. At first I took it that I lost my rankings on those keywords on this niche to the latest Google Algorithm update but that was not the case at all. It turns out that the hosting company I was using for these sites namely Hostmonster decided to turn off ion cube loader from my account. 

So This is when you have the WTF Moment. Reliable Hosting!?! Pfft!

Credits:schoschie @Flickr.com

The only reason I had these sites on host monster is because I paid for the account for a year and I was letting it run out mistake number 1. See I know better than that countless people have had issues with host monster and I have moved the majority of my sites to multiple hosting accounts with hostgator. I know that host gator is very reliable in nature and it’s been really rare that a site goes down with them. I had one instance where a site was down for 30 minutes the only reason it was down was because I forgot to setup a payment subscription plan on my hosting plan so basically it was my fault. 

So let me backup a bit since Hostmonster decided to turn off a service that should be turned on by default I might add I was losing sales. It was an average loss of $50 a day, because the keywords I was ranking for were giving me multiple smaller sales every day for the past year or so. This is the main reason I found out about this but by then it was to late Google Dropped me from my top spots and now I have to start over again to see if I can get these sites ranking again. 

The reason I know this was not the cause of the last Shift called Google Panda is because I was checking these sites every week until the May 15th.

So the reason this happened was two fold the 5 remaining sites that were ( I moved them today) on this  host monster account dropped was because Ion cube loader was turned off and the theme I was using requires for ion cube loader to work.

So I was getting a nice error when you go to the site with a big error message and nothing else!

So here is the error that was on all of my 3 sites running this theme all said at once! 

wp-content/plugins/authorityproengine/appowered.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the ionCube Loader Wizard to assist with installation.

 Bottom Line is This don’t wait until your subscription ends to move to a real hosting company. Even though I moved over 98% of my sites over to hostgator. I have a few that have lingered around until the year long subscription ends. 

Warning! You run the risk of losing rankings and money!

I Was Dead Wrong To Wait!

This is happened because I thought I would wait to move them at the end of the billing cycle to a better hosting company.


    • They Turned off a service that is standard installation on all Good hosting companies
    • Site Gives out a Big huge error message without warning to the webmaster
    • Your Site Loses it’s well earned rankings
    • You Lose Money in the interim
    • Now I have to rebuild my rankings from scratch

Why is The Crocodile Crying For Me?

Well It’s simple I have Multiple Hostgator Accounts that I could have been using and I would of not lost rankings from these authority sites that I built that were on auto pilot that were averaging $50 a day with out me doing anything else to them.  So be smarter than me and use Hostgator for your hosting needs. As matter of fact below is a Coupon Code you can use to save some cash when you go host with hostgator.

 Copy This Coupon Code: saveonfirstmonth It’s all one word no spaces then click here for a discount on hosting

If  you still  do decide to stay with a Hosting Company Like Host monster and Blue host which are the same company basically. There are a pitfalls like these that you have to deal with you have to constantly monitor your sites to make sure they don’t screw you over. 
I know some of you say well don’t use a theme that use ion cube loader and your fine. I say you to that’s bull! you want to have a service that is have the standard programs required by webmasters installed which hostgator does. They have been doing this for a long time and know that this is a small install into a php file that takes a few seconds to do which saves the webmaster a ton of time and frustration in the long term. Which means they have happier clients which are with them for a long time. 
But some of you have paid for the hosting for a year and don’t want to deal with cloning aka transferring a site over to a new hosting account which hostgator will do for you they can move entire cpanel accounts over. 
I’ll show you how to enable these feature yourself so you don’t have to deal with support. This should work with most cPanel Hosting plans not just host monster/blue host.
Go into your cPanel  Look for Software/Services and choose PhP Config
iconcube installation
Under Additional extensions available for installation choose IonCube then click save changes. A quick backup should occur and your done. 
Final Thoughts:
After that you just need to monitor your sites to make sure some knuckle head in hostmonster / blue host decides to turn it off on you for No Reason at all! Or you can use hostgator and not worry about it at all up to you if you want the headache or not. Since I’m officially done with them and moved the sites out today to hostgator which is by far a superior web hosting company I know that I won’t have these issue again and I’ll be doing a daily happy feet dance.  
Join Me with our Happy Happy Feet Daily  Dance and  Join Hostgator with me.



    Reply Reply May 22, 2012

    Hi Mario,

    I have a few sites with Hostmonster and was planning to move them at the end of the year to Hostgator.

    I've never had any major problems with them but some months ago when I was a having some problems with one of my site, I went to the help desk-chat line service and the service offered was terrible and non existent. I ended up doing it myself but not after some research and that wasn't the last time.

    I have some sites with Hostgator and I'm planning to migrate over there kitchen sinks and all.

    • Mario Soto Jr

      Reply Reply May 29, 2012

      Sad but true 🙁 I used to like them but they have been dropping the ball.

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