Auto Blog Samurai Bonus Review

Auto Blog Samurai Bonus Review

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Is Auto Blog Samurai Worth It or Not?!

By Now you should of heard all about Auto Blog Samurai, At first I was skeptical about it because I’ve tried many different auto blog techniques and frankly not any would really match up to my standards of unique content.

So I said Why Not I’ll give it a go Watch My Video Review of Auto Blog Samurai As you can see I did pay for it myself this wasn’t not a freebie I do use it. Since the video I have added 15 blogs that I’m working with to build up some auto content. My favorite feature is the PLR content feature. Where you can load up plr content and it will spin it for you.



If You have Heard Enough and want to start  to start building your own blogging empire click here

What I have been doing is taking an article that I spun with the best spinner and dropped in there to see what it can do. I’m using this tool in a very different way than it was intended but man this is what I like about auto blog samurai and why I’m adding a bonus to this and it’s not some crappy bonus either.

You can check out my bonus by Clicking here it’s to big for me to post it right in here.

The other feature that I really enjoy about Auto Blog Samurai is that you can use it as a blog management system.

You can load up Hundreds of sites and even if they are unique content sites you can create the articles you want to write and  save them as a text files and load them all up. You have the option not to spin the content so when they are loaded you can edit them add images even videos.

I’m actually doing this post from it right now. Cool huh.

But that’s not all this Tool Can do other things I’ll break down the bullet points for you

  • Pull Content From Ezines Spin it to make it unique and schedule it too!
  • You can pull Rss Feeds from other sites and have it spun automatically
  • Can Pull in Amazon Products right to your Site (don’t have to hunt for it and make links either)
  • You Can even pull in products from clickbank to help you make sales
  • It has a “cash Link” Feature where you can put in keywords with an affiliate link if you like
  • Heck you can use it to get anchor text keywords to build a link wheel if you want
  • Blog Management tool where you can have all your blogs at your fingertips

Just Imaging that having hundreds of blogs on your own hosting or on blogger or Both! Imagine what you can do!

You can create your own amazon blog empire, or How about a massive adsense empire. Which is what I”m doing right now.
So if you like what you see in the video Click on the link Below to take you Purchase Auto Blog Samurai.

Watch The Video On There Website For More Information on Auto Blog Samurai

P.S. To Download My Exclusive Bonus Package Head over to after purchase. Just Enter your Clickbank Receipt Number and you will have access instantly.

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