Authority Pro Vs FlexSqueeze

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Authority Pro 2 Versus Flex Squeeze If my life depend on it which one would Should I choose?

 This has been asked several times in different forums and directly through me through Emails and private messages.  So I figure I would do a quick blog post and post my views on both themes. Before I begin I feel that Both Authority Pro and FlexSqueeze are solid themes, which I do own both of them. There are things to consider if you are on a budget and want to purchase one over the other. 

I’ve used both themes both are viable products to use for building WordPress sites.  My personally opinion is that  like Authority Pro  over FlexSqueeze

Don’t get me wrong Flex squeeze is  a great theme and you won’t go wrong purchasing it at all. But if you wan more out of a theme I really feel Authority Pro will be a better choice if you had to choose. 

See one thing that Authority Pro has over Flex Squeeze it that has a lot of seo things built into it which some don’t use, but are readily available in theme anytime you do want to use it. 

I’ll give you a few examples

 Category page, you can create unique content for a page and make only show up under that category. Which is pretty cool I’ve setup a page that way.

 It was built in internal linking that a lot don’t realize when you ad your main seo keyword in the “Media Type Options” this becomes an internal link automatically and is placed in the footer.

 You can do a ton of stuff with widgets where you can have content, certain posts, pages etc on the sidebar and it can be set on global, category level or even a type of content like review, product this can be used in a few ways.

 I kind of do that on this very Internet Marketing  blog  to a degree as you can see if you look around my home page has things that when you click into a post or page you won’t see this is pretty cool,  I have used these features in a fuller extent in other niches and these sites are authority models that are rather large which I’ve written the content myself and Had the videos done by family members so It’s not always me it works really well.

 The built in SEO for AP I really like it makes my sites lighter. Plus I’m run a lot less plugins (speed is a good) than I used to which makes my sites faster and leaner. I also  have the customization I am looking for in a theme. I do have to say I’ve been using AP from closed beta and own two multi licenses one for clients and one for me I’ve never regretted purchasing AP and I’ll do it again.

I even know a couple of hidden features of Authority Pro 2 that are not known to the public to hide certain content unless they go to a link that I sent them through and  that’s pretty cool. I learned this from Authority Pr0 advanced training that was done awhile back so I am bound to not showing that here which is pretty good I might add I learned a few things from it myself. 

 That being said FS is a solid theme as well it’s simple, it’s decently coded. I do feel it’s a bit dated but it gets the job done and with a little work you can make it look better. So either purchase would be good, but since you have FS lite and it’s unlimited use I would go for AP first and a new version is soon to be released btw.

Let me go  a bit further both Authority Pro and Flex Squeeze have the sales page, squeeze page options. But to be fully transparent the options in Authority Pro are  amazing and you can do a lot of stuff on with them easily.

One feature I do love is that the sales page does have a great built in feature where you can cache the sales page you made to make it run quicker this is cool. Flexsqueeze does not have this feature at least as far as I know. 

I’ll give you an example look at my product review site that I did for Rank and Pillage. Most of the graphics that I used on that site are built in to Authority Pro plus the exit function as well which can be set on page by page basis or a site wide basis you have the control to use it or not.

When you built a review post for example it has built in star ratings, You also have built in link cloaking features (one less plugin). 

I can really go on an on the different features both are great Themes to have this is why I purchased both myself. Presently I do lean on grabbing Authority Pro  first when I built site because I can get a site up quickly with limited plugins and get the ball rolling to making money, that’s the bottom line right? 

The main difference to me is the price Authority pro is a yearly cost of $97 for the multi license versus a one payment of $127 for Flex Squeeze.  To be honest if you built a few niche sites you can make this back pretty quick, but in either case I own both and I like both themes but my personal opinion I strongly feel that Authority Pro is a wiser purchase long term. Then when you want to purchase another theme go for Flex Squeeze. 




  • Melanie

    Reply Reply February 19, 2013

    Hey Mario, very useful info! Performance is always an issue for me so if I was going to purchase one I would probably go for the Authority Pro based on the info you have provided. Cheers Mel

  • Hi Mario,

    I agree that AP2 is the better theme in the long run, but for its simplicity and well layed out options FS is the better option for newbies.

    I started out using Flexsqueeze and I loved it, but like you say, it is starting to look dated so I have made the move to AP2. I am happy with the look I am getting with AP2 although it took me along time to figure it out!

    Cheers – Jay

    • Mario Soto

      Reply Reply December 29, 2012

      Ap2 is a good theme after you get going with it you can build some nice looking sites.

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