Authority Pro 2

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Authority-ProAuthority Pro is created by Bryan McConnahea who partnered with Alex Goad it was recently released to the general public. What is Authority Pro? Authority Pro is basically a wordpress theme that’s like a sheep in wolves clothing.

I’ve come to call it a beast more than a theme it’s made for the Internet marketer. One thing that I like about this theme it really adds some really good functionality that would take either a person that knows how to code it into a theme themselves or hire a coder to fix it for them no way around it.

From a person that has been around for Internet Marketing for a couple of years now as you can see I implemented this theme into my own blog because Authority Pro 2  has been designed, built by a Internet Marketer so they took all the technical hassles out of the equation.

Here is a list of some of the most useful features that I have found helpful so far that I’ve been playing with this theme.

  • It has 24 custom settings where you can edit and have full control of basically the look and feel of your entire site.
  • 11 custom AP widgets that you can drag and drop in any of those 24 editable settings. It can be a list of product reviews with affiliate links on your side bar. You can add an opt-in box right in the post itself with little trouble. One feature I really like is that you can add related content anywhere you want using a clickbank widget that pulls ads with your embedded affiliate link right in it. Add a Star Rating where you want in your post, page, sidebar. You can even add your twitter stream anywhere on your blog.
  • This feature is on of the best in my personal opinion. Split Testing built in to the theme you have at least 4 different opt-ins you can set up and test see which one converts the best. Or you can can even take those opt-ins and make each one unique for a specific category in your site. For example you can have a bunch of articles on SEO and have the opt-in only show up for that. Then have another one just for social media and have a report on facebook marketing. You are limited only by you imagination.
  • No more need of buying an exit popup script. It comes prebuilt into Authority Pro itself. Better yet you have full control when and where it happens. You can set it for the entire site or you can set it by post as well. So you can have exit popups send them either to an affiliate offer, a squeeze page or even your own product all from different post. I’m finding this very useful in my niche blogs.

That’s only couple of built in functions that are in Authority Pro. You know how you had to build your own squeeze pages.

Bryan and Alex released a free plugin you can build squeeze pages fast and easy and it only takes few clicks of the mouse and some basic knowledge of copy writing skills that’s it. Even if you don’t get Authority Pro you can download it as free gift. Just FYI The Squeeze page feature is already built in to the theme so you don’t need it when you get the theme.

If you haven’t gotten your free plugin you can go get it by trying to exit the sales page and stay on the page to get it. But I recommend you get the theme because it’s a theme I use over 90% on my niche sites.

Authority Pro 2

Let’s Talk about the creator of Authority Pro 2  Bryan Mchonnahea. He likes to call his wordpress theme more than a theme he names it his “Theme Engine”. Bryan himself is a full time affiliate marketer who also knows how to code. So by him releasing this to use I believe that Authority Pro is going to help level the proverbial playing field that most Internet Marketers have issues with. That’s the techincal aspect of marketing. Creating a squeeze page is a pita you don’t need to know some html or php with this theme you don’t have to worry about coding anymore. It’s good to learn it btw but it’s not required anymore with this theme.

I know most of us are synnical about Internet Marketing and this first thing that is going to pop into your head is this question. Is this going to make me money? To be perfectly honest that is completly up to you. There are so many factors in Internet Marketing one of which is where is your marketing skills at the present time? Are you looking at this more like a hobby doing a little here and there or are you in the trenches sweating it out doing what needs to get done to get your conversions, leads, getting traffic to your site etc..

So the Short answer is No this is not going to make you money. This is a tool to help you achieve your goals in making money you need to make that happen there is no magic button sorry to say. But Authority Pro is a tool that can help you get the maximum return for your investment. With built in split testing for example this can help increase your conversion to your optins. Heck you can even test your test. You’ll see what I mean when you get your hands on Authority Pro.

There are going to be two types of people that will get this theme. First is the person that gets the theme leaves it at the default settings use it like any other theme and move on. And then there are people that will take full advantage of everything that’s under the virtual hood of this “Theme Engine” Use all the editable functionality within this theme. Use it it constant split test to increase conversions and in turn make more sales from their sites. Remember one thing one tweak can change your site from one sale to multiple sales. But you will never know what the tweak is without testing.

Check out the demo video for Authority Pro 2 


P.S. I also made  comparison to another popular Internet Marketer Theme FlexSqueeze  against Authority Pro 2 that will give you a better understanding of both themes.

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