Article Marketing Ideas – How To Get Professionally Written Articles for Dirt Cheap

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Article OutsourcingArticle Marketing is a great way to get quality backlinks to your site. But most of the time the issue that most of us have me included is when you are writing articles for a new niche that you know little about it can be very frustrating. You end up staring at your screen trying to figure out on how to start.

Am I close?

But there  are a few ways to get Article Marketing ideas within that niche some are free some are paid options.

The first one that I like doing is using and just spend some time on it putting specific keywords that you are looking to rank for and write about. Some of the comments that people post on your specific niche can help us get ideas on what to write about in our articles.

The Issue I have with using Twitter’s Search function is that it can be very time consuming because you have to search through all the people promoting certain products in that niche.

The second one is using article directories to get ideas – I do give a word of caution with this method if you are just going to copy the article and place it in your blog please copy resource link the last thing I want to hear is that I told you to go blatantly plagiarize someone, that is not what I am telling you to do.  What I am suggesting is to read a few articles in the article directories to give you ideas on what to write about so you can get your creative juices flowing.

The second way that you can find information to write about is finding forums about your niche and look at what people are talking about you can use Google to find them most of the time.

The Third and easiest method is using a professional writer to write your articles for you. Now this does come with a cost but there are few places that you can go and find quality work for  Dirt Cheap.

My Favorite place is Need-An-Article its a group of professional article writers that will write articles for you for less than you would pay for most McDonald’s big mac value meal. Just wanted to mention that recently they added sections for Press releases, Plr Article re writes, If you are like me you probably have a ton of PLR articles in your hard drive that you can get re-written to make them unique.

Need an Article is a membership site it’s only 9.95 a month this gives you access to there members area where you can post your articles done and the rest is taken care of. You still have to pay for the articles to be written but they are very well done and high quality.

My Second Option is using Freelancers I personally like ODesk. I know there are a bunch of sites that you can use to get freelancers to do things for you but what I really like about Odesk is that you can monitor what your freelancer is doing when they are working for you. Using Odesk takes more time and experience thou and I highly recommend using Need an Ariticle first if you are just looking to do a few quick articles.

Now What I do recommend using Odesk more for is if you are planning to hire someone on an ongoing basis to do tasks for you or write more articles Or even larger projects like reports etc. Then Odesk is the way to go.

Last option is if you don’t want to hire out someone to write your articles and you want to use PLR Articles then I would recommend using an Article spinner program.

Not All Spinner Programs are created equal some require some heavy usage to get it working right and some just give you plain crap!

But there is only one that I can recommend to you with good conscience and that is The Best Spinner.  It’s named the best spinner and for good reason, Let me start out with the price of this it’s $7bucks to try it out. Then if you like it it’s $77.00 a year.

The Feature I like the most about the best spinner is, that it has a massive user based thesaurus. What this means is that everyone that is using this service is helping increase on how many synonyms that you can use to spin your articles. And it’s not just limited to words, You can spin entire phrases at once.  There are bunch of other features but this video you can watch right here explains it better than ever do.

Click here to watch the video on The Best Spinner

I gave you a few resources where you can go find  Article Marketing ideas that you can use to write your articles.

TO summarize for you here are the best choices that I use myself.


Need and Article – Great place to get quality article, Press Releases and PLR Articles re-written for you rather quickly.

Odesk– If you are looking for a long term relationship with your freelancer this is a great place to start. There are other things you can find are as well.

The Best SpinnerIf you have a PLR content that you want to use for your article marketing or even if you want to create multiple articles of your first unique then this is very good option for you. It has a 7 day trial for $7 Bucks so you can try it out for yourself .


 P.S. I want to mention that you can use these articles in blogs, web 2.0 site pretty much anywhere you can submit content keep that in mind. 


  • Lesley

    Reply Reply June 8, 2011

    As a writer, I am of course all in favor of hiring writers to make your content for you, but there is a downside to that, especially when your site is brand new. If you are hoping to build an authority site, then you need to research and learn about the topic, so that you will, in time, become an expert yourself.

    It's also true that some/most of the 'dirt cheap' articles are not researched. You get what you pay for, and if you pay peanuts you will more than likely find that your writer has simply rehashed an article found at, buzzle or goarticles. Research, after all, takes time. This happened to a client of mine who got a bunch of very cheap articles, all with information that was several years out of date. The upside was that when the articles were published (under his name) he found lots of people in a related forum linking to his site. They were all saying what an idiot he was, but a link, so they say, is a link! Was that a good think, or a bad thing?

    I am not a fan of spinners, but I agree that the Best spinner, is the best spinner. I've never had to create hundreds of different articles, but I did test writing variations on the same article, and I still find it quicker to just rewrite an article than use the spinner. I suspect it really depends on just how many articles you want to make, and how different you want them to be!

    • Mario

      Reply Reply September 14, 2011

      I agree to a degree anyone can be an expert in a field when they are researching and learning the niche, most of the time by the time your doing your researxh you know more about a subject than 90% of your readers do.

      Another thing is to be really successful in more than one niche and run your business you have to outsource, it's the fastest way to expand and make money. Sure you can do it all yourself at the beginning but your trading time over dollars.

      As matter of fact I recently hired a writer for 3.48 an article he's in the philipines and is a great writer, does the proper research for the keyword you give him and produces great content, so the comment of you get what you pay for is in the eye of the beholder. If you are English lit person nothing will ever be good enough, you also have to mold your writers to what you are looking for in your articles that really helps a lot with quality.

      but for those of us that are not an affluent writer like yourself, outsourcing is the way to go and using the best spinner is ideal for other stuff as well like building content for link building.

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