Above The Matrix Review Real Unbiased Review

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Above The Matrix ReviewLet’s Start out by checking out the sales page Above The Matrix, they promise the same thing that all these tired ass product launches have been praying on poor naive people that don’t know better push button software! Half way through the video they talk about all the fake people that hide behind paid actors use rented super cars.. Blah Blah Can smell the B.S? I smelt it a mile away..

Then they have this Girl that looks like a Getto Girl. She keeps looking up and to the left if you know anything about psychology when people are doing that they are thinking of a Lie!!! They continue to say they give you automated system

“On a PLR product they should have to pay you to take…
Just so long as they can boast killer conversions to their JVs on Skype when their name comes up next on the eternal launch merry-go-round from hell.”

Umm Let’s see what they give you in the members area!

Done For You Sites!

How is this different than plr? It really isn’t what makes it worse is that they tell you that this automated software will make you a sale in an hour.. I call bullshit!

But Let’s continue with Above The Matrix Review

They continue to show paid homes.. Whatever next

Then they tell you a story that this company gave them equal rights to a software that they paid an unheard of amount of money to bring traffic to their sites.. Are You Serious I grew up in corporate America and no way would they agree to this. Especially since they are funding it! That’s something else that is full of it.

Hmm.. Now Bill talks about his son and sickness appealing to the softer side of you.. Bill I’m sorry your son is sick But WTF does that have to do with making money and the software..

I can go on and on about this but let’s get to members area

You get ONE ready made niche.. I didn’t purchase the upsells because frankly the product should stand alone with out any upsells.

Then if you want other sites you have two options you pay $197 for it or buy one at at time for $49 bucks..

They give you a niche research tool. Umm ok nothing fancy it’s ok one down fall It runs on credits! So when you run out guess what? You have to pay to keep using it. WOW! To Be honest you can use Google’s keyword tool and get the same results.

Now as a basic member I don’t get access to the traffic software I would have to purchase it separately! Link Nirvana which is another piece of crap!

Why Am I doing this review first because it’s my blog second because I’m tired of watching all this crap showing up. So I’m gonna burn bridges and make friends at the same time. I’m going to burn the bridges from these so called “Gurus”, Fake people that just want your money to get a new toy of the day. You know what really makes it even sadder for me some of these people pushing these are really smart people but are looking for the quick buck.

Bottom Line (Above The Matrix Review)

DON’T BUY THIS!!!!!!! Save your money or get a real system that you can build a real business check out my Rank and Pillage Review Now That is a real system..

Shame on you Bill!!


  • Dawn Skier

    Reply Reply March 2, 2013

    People, Do not buy this Above the Matrix Program.

    I created a website with an invisible tracking hits counter, directed the Matrix program towards this website………. Nothing showed up. I tried Unique Counts also.

    I tried it again to test the so call traffic on a video that I created on the free video site “You Tube” absolutely nothing, no counts.

    What I did find out that this program does is really you are just simply marketing their brand.

    If you view your Matrix Software dashboard, you will see your hits, however if you test the honesty of those hits like I did you will find that those hits are only on the Matrix Dashboard.

    Now here is the part to prove what I just said. I posted affiliate links into the program through the “Above the Social Matrix” program & right away I saw in the program those hits coming in, whew it looked good I thought my prayers got answered.

    After doing this for multiple company’s of clickbank, was ready to make the money, I counted up the total hits in the Matrix program 834 hits. not one of them real. Only inside the Matrix program these numbers exist.

    The Scam Part : After the RSS Links Expired, the links did not work, however it
    forwarded you to the “Above the social Matrix” website.

    So if the number of hits are not real, and after the links expire the customer will simply be forwarded to The Above the Social Matrix Site, then all that happened is that I marketed the Social Matrix.

    I was desperate, I really swallowed what The Social Matrix was saying. Even with the little ghetto girl.

    Now I totally do not trust any thing or any one on the internet trying to sell opportunity programs.

    Thank you.

  • David Price

    Reply Reply October 22, 2011


    How refreshing is that!

    A truly honest review from someone who is prepared to say when a product sucks. Keep up the good work, we need more marketers like you who are prepared to 'burn bridges' if necessary. As you say, you will make many more friends that you lose.


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