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Hi My Name is Mario Soto Jr+, I started playing around with starting my own business well basically since I was in my teens. I’ve tried many Aspects of business including MLM’s, door to door sales, Direct Sales, I even sold cars! I put my dreams on hold and started doing that job thing for many years, but I still had a dream not to work for anyone else but me and just could not shake it. So in 2007 I decided to go after many Internet Marketing Strategies anything I can get my hands on. I’m not going to lie it was a roller coaster ride some really expensive one.

So After a couple years of investing in thousands of dollars in huge range of Internet Marketing Strategies that promised the American Dream on a platter it wasn’t until two things happened in my life for me to get serious with making my Dream a reality. The first one was that my safety net aka “my job” was being yanked right from under me because the company went bankrupt so I could not spend on course after course I had to get serious because now I have a family to think of not just me anymore. The second thing that happened to me is tied to the first one is I had to really get serious with my marketing no more fooling around anymore. See when you are up against the wall financially is when you break through that comfort zone aka the worker drone syndrome and really take your life by the horns and get serious. 

Since 2009 When I finally got serious and after investing thousands on many courses all promising fantastic results in one way or another, some really fell short on the promise and were a real disappointment. But other few courses I sunk my teeth into  were really amazing, Some of these were from Brian G. Johnson, Jonny Andrews, Steve Clayton, Tim Godfrey, Jeff Czyzewski and few others that have left a real impact in my business. It wasn’t until I took what I have learned and took action and built my own battle plan is when I started feeling the freedom of Internet Marketing.

Presently I took what I have learned ran with it I now have my own local SEO business, have many successful affiliate niche sites many have the number # 1  ranking in Google the keywords I go after.  I continue to expanding my knowledge so I can add more firepower to my current Internet Marketing Strategies as you should do as well. These tactics I have learned anyone can take doesn’t matter what background you come from you can take, run with it and start making money online in a short period of time (if you take action). I can tell you I have to thank those gentleman above for putting on enlightened path which gives me the freedom to have passive income I’ve always wanted and live the lifestyle I choose to and I get to spend as much time as I want with my family (that is a great bonus).

I do have to warn you Internet Marketing is just not for everyone, the sad truth most people that try this and fail miserably because of all the useless information that is out on the market and become burnt out or they just don’t take the necessary steps to get out of our own way and out comfort zone to succeed.

Have you ever heard of the book Napoleon hill “Think and Grow Rich”? If you haven’t go buy it. But there is one story in the book that has been engrained in my mind for years now, it’s about a miner that took all his money invested all in mining equipment and went after the dream of striking gold during the gold rush. After some time he became frustrated, doubting himself well basically gave up so he sold all his equipment, the piece of land for a big loss to another fellow. Guess what happened next.. The guy he sold it to struck gold almost right away if only would of just dug three more feet he would struck it rich. I’m paraphrasing the story, the reason this became engrained in my brain is because I have felt like this person so many times before, was about to quit but I refuse to quit so I just dug those three extra feet and hit my gold.

The morale to all this is don’t give up on your dream just be serious and take massive action with any Internet Marketing Strategy that you put your mind to.  

If your desire to be successful with Internet Marketing you need two things a good mentor you can emulate and the desire to take massive action you will see the results.

One Last thing keep focused and don’t let anyone tell you that this does not work.