Google Hangouts Advice and Rant

Google Hangout Tips And My Rant

I’ve always had a tendency to be in the sidelines or behind the scenes. So I decided to startup hangout and this is what happened. This is raw and uncensored. Enjoy Leave a comment Below here on Google+ or on my channel on my my new You tube channel. Subscribe I’m going to be doing…

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Brian G Johnson’s First Hangout

It was a great first try 🙂 Here is the embed below

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Google Kill Puppets By Gwens Serps?

Did Godaddy Kill Puppets by Gwen Sites Serps?

I’ve seen a few posts about The GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial Ad that Gwen quit on live TV. Which was real (kinda cool) But They killed her Rankings aka Serps…. Ok here is my take on the part of Killing her Serps… Short answer who gives a crap. Wanna know why?  Long answer below (keep reading)…

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Chromecast Review

Chromecast Review Quick Demo Playing A Movie From Your Local Drive

Chromecast is all the buzz right now. I was going to buy one regardless for one Specific purpose. So I can cast videos right from my browser straight  to my big screen tv. I found this very helpful because I can sit down on my comfy sofa and watch training videos that I would usually…

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Using Unique Content and Performance In The Search Engines

When You Become the Lion in your niche you can devour those pesky Pandas, Penguins or any other animal that think they can beat you in your own Domain. Be the Lion of Seo keep Reading to find out how…

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Internet Marketing My Personal Experience

I Wanted To Do More Of A Personal Post Today About IM And My Future Goals I’m not going to try to sell you anything at all I’m just going to write from the heart what comes out is what I will publish So here goes. When you first start to look at  Internet Marketing…

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google glass project glass

Project Google Glass – Augmented- Reality Glasses

I was reading about Google Glasses Project recently and I thought it be cool to have this. I have heard some objections about this, I would get this I love tech stuff like this. This would be great if I can get them built in some cool sunglasses. In this video this guy is running…

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Using Keyword Density Tools Why It’s not Important

Keyword Density is Waste of Time? Yes it is! Using Keyword Density tools and or checkers are a waste of time when doing Search Engine Optimization. I know that is a strong statement but it’s the truth! When you start working on an article for your site it should have some keywords that are you are…

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Search Engine Optimization: Things To Avoid

This Is Geared Towards Business Owners and Seo Marketers There Are Very Important Lessons For All Of Us! A good number of Internet companies have become interested in search engine optimization, primarily because it is one of the best ways to increase a site’s traffic. Unfortunately, these same individuals often try to get started too quickly…

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Tony Robbins On Taking Action With Your Business

Tony Robbins On Taking Action With Your Business

The key to success is taking action in any part of your life is learning the mental state that lets you take small steps that can give you massive success with anything you do with your life. Tony Robbins tells you how it is.

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